HELLO OCTOBER! You literally just rolled right through, and although it’s the first day of your month, I am already thinking about Thanksgiving and New Years. There are 91 days left to this year and honestly they are going to fly by. FLY BY.


It could very well be that I am getting older and things are moving at the speed of light. Remember when you were 5 years old and you’d look at your older cousins or at adults and be like, “I cannot wait to be 16” — and then you’d be 16 and say “I cannot wait to be 22”— seems so silly to me now. But hindsight is always 20/20. Enough rambling ya’ll.

This month we are focusing on YOU FIRST [Pursuing Wellness]. And I want to caveat this by saying that while I do not have wellness figured out for myself, I do know that I’m not here for the BS being sold to us. From anti-aging products with fancy packaging (a ploy) to yoga apparel that costs $150 a legging (nah, I’m good — but I’ll take a free pair), I am rolling my eyes to the back of my head. What I AM here for, is women of color being centered in the wellness movement and having their share in the marketplace, because let me tell you — there is MONEY there.


Yeah, you are reading this infographic correct MOB. No lies are being told. That’s 3.7 trillion dollars in 2015, and I can only imagine what that is in 2018. So knowing how desperately our community is in need of healing, we should be centering and supporting the women of color who are creating space for us to take, unravel and spring back up from. As long as they are really about the culture and the people, and not just about the money. Capitalism can’t take your soul.

So wellness aka self-care aka taking care of you, what does that even look like in 2018 and how do we make it a consistent part of our daily life, so that it doesn’t just become a continuous battle? That’s my current internal conversation. I am a little jealous of folx that live in places where wellness is a part of the culture and not just a negotiation (like it is here in NYC). I think of places like Sydney, Copenhagen, Portland, Denver and LA. So many wonderful parks, great weather, a juice bar or vegan spot every other corner… LIKEEE YES PLEASE! I do not want to take a train and a bus to get to the gym, or have to go upstate to enjoy trees the way they’re supposed to be enjoyed.

I will admit, despite how busy my life has been this year, I could have put more effort into my wellness. From yoga and cardio to saving for a vitamix so I can get my press juice on, I did not commit. And while I am coming to terms with that fact (because I am an adult and only I can make those choices for myself, therefore don’t cry over it Yari, it is what it is) — I know that any day is a good day to start on this road map. So, don’t be mean to yourself. Just start by committing to better choices. Maybe you wont get to the gym 4 days a week, but perhaps you start renting a CitiBike and riding 30 minutes once a week — unless it’s 45 degrees out, then maybe you make two dinners at home and that is a WIN! TRUST ME.

Octobers mantra: I commit to making the choices for myself that my future self will be proud of.

Now go spread that good energy and instead of that $300 sports bra, support your local Latinx doing pilate classes at the community center.


Peace + Light