Wassup Mob! Here’s this months horos.

Things to know: New moon in Libra on October 8th!



You can do all well by yourself, but you’re a force when you got your crew behind you. This month is about teamwork, collaboration, and knowing that the weight does not have to fall solely on you. The first 3 weeks of October have a relationship saying “we steady now” — whether with your job, your co-founder or the cuddle buddy for your winter.



This month will leave all the dysfunctional messy sht behind! You’re making a list and choosing those goals. Wake up. Be grateful. Put in work. Catch some zzzs. Repeat. Or, whatever you routine is. Reboot that habit you were trying to build into your lifestyle, or start a new one (a good one).



This month will have you as the Queen of the ball! And it will set in motion 6 months of thinking with your heart, not your head. Aka, trust the people you hired for that job, and free up your time for passion projects. TRUST Gemini. Trust.



This month all you care about is giving your loved ones TLC! Pull up on them with that famous butternut-squash soup you make, play some spades and remind them how much you love them. Be mindful that Venus is doing some fuck sht this month, so you might feel a little in your feelings. You can cure it, SPEAK UP!



This month has . you feeling extra chatty… walk it like you talk it boo. Be ready to make new friends, plan friendship brunches and show the squad that Fall does not mean staying at home in sweats, one can still sashay their way to the clurb.



Now that all your goals are on paper [or an excel sheet] it’s time to hit the ground running and making sht happen! Hit up that brand for a sponsorship, walk your mentor through your pitch deck and figure out what steps to take to make Q4 a fruitful one.



Happy Birthday Libra!!! IT’S YA BIRFFDAY! This month we know it’s all about you, but what’s really important is that YOU know it’s all about you. You’ll be putting yourself first, which we’re proud of. Be assertive, block off your calendar and make sure you take care of YOU.



Woo chile, it’s been quite the year for you so far, hasn’t it? Luckily for you this month beckons you to say BRB to all your friends and familia and take a few weeks to hit the re-set button. Whether that’s sleeping in and catching up on Insecure… or taking a few weekend trips upstate to do a nice hike, we say: Do it baby girl, you are deserving.



This month has your prepping for the next 12. Not kidding. Starting in November Jupiter will be in your sign (last time was 2006!), which means that your career is about to be on the ultra fast lane. While that’s all great and all, you can’t do it alone. Stop. Don’t argue. This month is about putting key players in place that can be helpful when things arise. READY. SET. GO!



Put your head down and burn that midnight oil Cap. All the work you kick off this month will be fruitful in the next six. That’s right, we’re already thinking of 2019! We’re excited for you.



Time to say yes to that invite! This month has your curiosity on a 100, which is fantastic because it only means you’re ready to thrive and learn something new. Don’t be scared of new friendships either, you don’t know where that will take you!



October has you making a fortress of yourself, spending time with just you and you alone… and while we love that, we also hope it’s out of solitude and not isolation. We want you to get your peace on but not sink into sadness, na’mean? So if you’re feeling a little sad, tag a close friend and let them hold you down… we’re always here for you!