Back at it again this week with the fire playlist. As you all may have noticed, I aim to expose you all to more than what is heard on our local radio stations. I'm tryna switch things up a bit and give your summers a new sound. 

I'm really feeling a lot of ladies from overseas at the moment, and London is killing it with their innovation and creativity. Fatima is a magical emcee and over all queen poet. Her presence reminds me of 90s hip hop in its prime, Digable Planets vibes.

Salma Slims keeps it gutta for us on “Don't Act” with a gritty ether to the round the way dude; the one that glows up and wants to act brand new. ( *rolls eyes*- we all know one of those. ) And in case y'all didn't know she is the 1st lady for Private Club Records - the home of the newly beloved MadeInTYO.

However, I must say that my overall favorite comes from my girl Gin Mason. She was featured on my first playlist here for the Girl Mob and in those few months has dropped another single called “The Difference”. Coming through with the Aaliyah sample in the first 3 seconds alone, sets the whole record up for greatness. The song is relatable, referring to that tell tale feeling when you know you're dealing with a real man, who's about his business and is all about you. yasssssss. Check everyone out on the playlist, leave me a comment below if you love it & keep it locked here until next time. 

peace & hair grease yall.



(photo credit: jeferson lima)