Oh hi! I'm so happy to see your curiosity

brought you back over here


Seriously, I'm happy to see you've come back to the site and are reading this, because after all - you're the reason why these changes were made. YES YOU! TRUST ME MAMI.

GirlGangNYC started as an idea in my head/soul almost three years ago, and I finally gave myself a kick in the ass and launched the site last Oct. I remember thinking to myself "these girls don't know me from a hole in the wall, why tf would they let me interview them and trust me with their story" -- that was my insecure side. After all nobody likes rejection, amirite??

But the confident louder bodacious side of me said "why wouldn't they?" - and so began the story of this site. I reached out to women I knew and some I didn't  {giving a new perspective to DM'ing} - and thankfully those who said yes then decided to not only become my friends, but to also send their girls my way. In other words, they said YEY to the site and the brand I'm building {insert emotional cry here - I heart ya'll}.

So you might be asking: 


{even if you're not asking, I'm gonna tell you bc why not}


Since the site launched I've gotten tagged on hundreds of posts or images with GirlGang on it - as much as I love alliteration {if you don't know the meaning, no worries - neither did I, just google it} I love differentiation much more. The term GirlGang is now so popular you can buy tons of items with it - none of which are part of my brand. A name is key, if you don't believe me look at the brands you choose to spend your disposable income on.


When I launched the site I wanted it to be GirlGang.com but that domain costs 10K and the way my checking account is set up... so I chose to add NYC to it. Though in the back of my head I always felt that might limit the brand {yes NYC is THE BEST COOLEST CITY IN THE WORLD - but still}. We had girls ask us on social if we would open  up chapters in other cities. Which would have been cool, but this is about unifying our diversity - and that includes geographic location. 

Change is Good

I am not the greatest at delegating. I like doing things myself {which is why I learned to be my own beauty salon / stylist / chef} - but that is not how things grow in the real world. So I got myself a team! Full of dynamic, intelligent, colorful women who are here for the hustle. And as I recruited for new team members, I thought to myself: maybe I should change the name. The new name and look represent the growth the brand is making and the women who embody it {you!}... And trust me making the choice to change it was scary AF -but I trust that this change will be good {the universe said so}.


Here's to you rocking with us in this upcoming year, as we roll out the same vibes ggnyc gave you from day one. May you find yourself feeling inspired, humored, connected and included as you read through our posts and follow us on social. I hope you embrace the new name and continue to send your squad our way... after all-

we'll be girlmobbin' with ya

Alright, that's a lot of writing and this laptop feels like I just dipped it in lava. 

peace & light

yari b

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