CurlFest 2016

have you ever been to a place where you felt like everyone was your friend and you just wanted to run around giving hugs and compliments? well that summarizes curlfest 2016 ! { i guess that's what it felt like to walk into cheers (go head' google it) } 

all the coils, all the textures, all the colors, all the lengths all the styles and ALL THE CURLS. and that was just the start, these women had style too, they made the grass their runway... we were in brown girl heaven and it was MAGICAL!

{dramatic pause} 


photos by: @kimbernotkimberly

what was special about this place was the unspoken unity that was in the air, it was a safe place for us as women of color to come together and enjoy each others company. striking up a conversation was easier than staying in bed on a sunday morning. women took each others photos effortlessly and shared a smile without hesitation...

 it was truly exquisite to not only watch but also be a part of 

i want to thank the women over at the curly girl collective for putting this event together and having this vision. events like these, open and full of good energy, are necessary for our sisterhood to continue to blossom. the world shines a lot brighter when this much love and melanin are mixed together- i know it! and girlgangnyc is totally here for it

until next year

xo - yari b

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