do ya'll feel that change in the air? the shift is present, the sun is out and this summer is definitely going to be one for the books. i took time with this playlist, to really curate a cool and effortless vibe to serve as the discography of el sol {aka the sun}

i chose to highlight a few artists on the rise such as donmonique, an emcee from brooklyn known for her break-out record “pilates” and tommy genesis + abra, the leading ladies from the awful records collective. i also wanted to share my new found obsession: miloh smith hailing from HOTLANA- georgia. she has all sorts of sass, and she bodies a 16. that track has been on steady repeat since the first time I heard it -- and i know you'll be playing it over and over as well

sidenote: i couldn’t bear to realize that I had been sleeping and missed the release of “airy” with kelela and obey city. that song is straight flames, but by way of tranquility and peace. overall, I hope this playlist helps y’all to relax, and vibe out wherever you are. stay tuned, Vol. 2 of Sunshine Vibes, it will be here sooner than you know

in the meantime, soak up some sun, get outside and have a good time!

s. brown


{image cred: instagram - joansmalls}