hello june! i welcome you with open arms... please bring us sunny days with cool breezes and fun moments with our favorite people.


i gotta be honest with you all, i feel like i've been slacking on girlgangnyc and that makes me extremely annoyed at myself {which is hard to do because i really like me}. but it isn't because i don't love you girls! i simply need more help {currently in search of GGNYC team members - SCROLL ALL DI WAY DOWN } and i also recognize that i need to carve out more time to work on the site. i've already said no to the beach and a concert because i'd like to use my hours to edit - so stop giving me that look! 

how does the above confessional tie into my opening statement here you might ask? well, because when the sun comes out we tend to lose focus and want to increase the PLAY in our lives. which is fair! trust me. after all the cold and dreary days who doesn't want to be at a rooftop bbq dancing to queen beyonce with their girls?! i know i do. 

however, i'm learning through my own internal chats and observations that if i want this very young and tender website to succeed i need to keep up the momentum! and you ladies provide me with so much love and energy on social. so thank you!

with that said! i encourage you all to make time for your projects this june while still scheduling in some girlfriends/boy-bae/fam/personal time. i'm gonna make it a point to make time for the things i love and want to build on this summer... including community service! 

ok ok enough ranting!

i leave you with the below photos of me volunteering my time       {see? already making progress} to be a part of a panel at the UnDone festival held in Bushwick and put together by the Urban Arts Partnership - these folks rock! i really enjoyed talking to a room full of young people and hopefully they enjoyed listening to me chop it up about marketing and working in entertainment ....                                    {because i keeps it real} #GoYouth !

keep me posted on your time management this june! i'm here if you need any encouraging words @theyariblanco

peace & light

yari b.

photos by bae <3

{main image cred: instagram: sheisdash}