Hey MOB! This month has a lot of cosmic goodness happening. Specifically tomorrow where we have a new moon in Pisces AND Uranus enters Taurus for a few years. Check out how this will pan out for you below!

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It’s your birfday it’s your birfday! What will you do to celebrate another trip around the sun? We hope it involves some bubbly! Okay so things to know: Mercury is retrograde in your sign, which means be mindful of that tweet before you send it, hold off on dying your hair purple and gather some data before you make any final choices. Get ready for your calendar to be off the hook, people want your presence and you should not be scared to use those three letters as a response — YES!


So Uranus, planet of rebellion, was in your sign for 8 years… aka since March 2011. This means that for the past eight years you have been on a serious ass wave within a tsunami of change! There’s a lot going on for you this month, and you will likely feel a push and pull in two directions. One being to take a moment to relax and the other to jump in head first. To this we say, listen to your intuition and take it day by day.


Taurus baby! IT’S ABOUT TO BE DYNAMITE! And we mean this is a chefs kiss kinda way! This month will bring about moments that will really influence your journey ahead. We know that sounds super crunchy granola, but we are not lying. Uranus will enter your sign through April 2026! This planet rules freedom, creativity, rebellion, revolution and overall a new way to see the world! This planet already made a few changes for you last year (5/15-11/6) , and now it’s going to force you to break into the person you’re really meant to be. Get used to being called #GOALS on the gram and being looked at as a thought leader. March 20th will be a powerful day due to planetary influences. It’s a supermoon, so be sure to take a break from the whirlwind and set intentions around where you want to progress. Remember to be kind to yourself.


Money money money!! MONNNEYYY (we hope you sang this as we wrote it). This month has your mind on the money and your money on your mind. Between 3/1 and 3/20 plan for those coffee dates, hit up that woman you admire and ask her for 15 mins of her time, pitch that project to your boss and expand that rolodex. Because Mercury is doing what it does best (be retrograde) you’ll have to be mindful to not overpromise and under-deliver… set realistic timelines for yourself. You own your schedule!


What a fun month ahead for you Cancer! You’ve got big ideas and we’re here to tell you that they are all feasible! So give yourself room to color outside the lines. Stop doubting yourself and or what would happen, the truth is that as they said in The Alchemist — it is already written. Mercury will try to seduce you with past thoughts, we ask that you don’t take a vacation in what has previously happened, but if you do look through the pages of what was then, remind yourself that this is now — and that you have so much ahead!


Mars is in Taurus for the month and since this only happens every two years we say TAKE ADVANTAGE! What does this mean? Tap into that inner fire and focus all your energy on that thing which you most desire: Launching your website? Meeting the goals your department set for you? Locking in that boo from cuddle buddy to main bae? All is possible, because you got the juice! Looking ahead the key word for you will be flexibility. Changes are afoot that will affect your career, you’ll know how to conquer anything thrown your way though, that we’re 100% sure of.


Time to get your Marie Kondo on and organize your life! We say this knowing that there’s two full moons in your zodiac (one in March another in April) and this are about to get popping on the project making side of things. So before you can roll that out, you’ll need to have everything in order. Otherwise you risk the chance of feeling ‘un-balanced’. We know you want to commit to a healthier lifestyle, so take this new moon on 3/6 to set up some goals for yourself… remember that slow and steady wins the raise. You’re not in a nike commercial, you can start power-walking and lead into a marathon.


Looks like you’re in the last phase of cozy season! No need to have FOMO, so much ahead for you to look forward to. This month enjoy the last few days of choosing to stay home, doing that face mask, painting your nails and listening to Solange’s new album while you yoga-it-out-at home. With Uranus in Taurus for the next few years your focus will turn to health and fitness. Get ready to kick off a new stage in your life!


This month is all about connecting with your peers, we’re talking about those who are parallel to you and making moves! Say yes to that happy hour or that random invite to that game night. You’ll see how mingling with people who understand your grind pays off as the year develops!


The focus on this month is on your personal relationships. You’ll be thrown into introspection. This new moon in pisces will also bring someone into your life that will teach you something very powerful this 2019. Mercury will also force you to finish off anything you’ve been avoiding , because as we know what you avoid doesn’t just go away it usually gets worse. So put on your big gyal pants and be confident in your choice.


Relationships are going to be at the top of the list for the next few years and it kicks off this month. You know why? Because Uranus is shifting in Taurus until 2026 and that will affect that part of your chart. GIRL YES. What does that actually mean? Get ready to find your main squeeze, get ready to find your partner in crime for work tings, get ready to take friendships to the next level, and get ready to pour love back to the relationship that matters the most — the one your have with yourself.


Uranus moves in Taurus this month and it will stay there through April 2026! This will affect your home life and everyone in it. You might get yourself on the road to motherhood! Who’s ready for some babies? Outside of the long term views we’re giving you, Mars will be adding fire to your March… and with Mercury going retrograde (when is it not?) you need to be mindful of the way you speak to your mom or roommate.