Celebrating women is at the core of why we exist and do what we do at theGIRLMOB, but we would be looked at sideways if we did not acknowledge this celebration. I’m so amazed by the vastness that is to be a woman, and I am so grateful that I am continuously learning myself and what my version of womanhood looks like. Working for The Wing has exposed me to so many different types of women, and it has really forced me to retreat inward and take inventory of how I view myself and my role as a woman in this world. It’s also made me think about femininity with new eyes. I hope that you are equally exposed to conversations and content that ushers you into a new world view, because the truth has always been that we are so much more than the shape of our bodies and the clothes we wear. That is to say that those things are simply the first layer to a decadent and multi-level cake.

In honor of this month, I wanted to share some of the women who have and are currently inspiring me. This is a short list and doesn’t include JLo or Michelle Obama because those should be obvious :)

These women are using their platforms to push for other women, especially women of color. They’re using their voice to help heal, to help educate, and to help motivate the rest of us. They make me go, WOW!



Sometimes people ask me how this feels. To be honest, at least in part, I feel scared. Anxious. Overwhelmed. And that's okay. It is a surreal experience to go from being virtually anonymous to having an enormous amount of attention overnight. Things went from feeling like folks going out of their way NOT to cover our campaign to feeling like there's a microscope on my every word, joke, meal, outfit, or makeup decision. Every time a media event like this happens I get NERVOUS. But I also think about how I never got to see anyone like me on any magazines growing up. I never saw a version myself in leadership, or on TV, or anywhere really and think, "That could be me." . I think of that saying, 'be who you needed when you were younger.' When I was younger, I needed to see myself in others. I needed mentorship. I needed an example. I needed to believe that I could. Knowing that gives me the courage to overcome the doubt, the fear, and anxiety: the idea that if I do this, then maybe it will help someone else. . The whole time I campaigned for Congress up to the primary, I didn't even have health insurance. I was uninsured until not long ago. I STILL feel squeezed w/ healthcare. So to suddenly be on the cover of a magazine despite all that is enough to make my head spin. I try hard to keep my life as normal as possible, with just a few changes to accommodate the whirlwind. I still live in my 1br BX apartment, but I may move 2 blocks to get a little more space for all the boxes. I go to my same bodega, have the same mailman, play in the same parks with my nieces and nephews. . The hardest part has been feeling like my full, human, 3-dimensional self gets flattened into a 2 dimensional character for mass consumption or critique. It's weird. I stumble like everyone else. It's hard feeling like I have a whole movement on my shoulders. But I also know that's not true - movement means we're ALL in this together. I happen to have one mic to amplify the work and causes of others, but it's not the only mic. . The goal is to keep pushing so that LOTS 👏🏽MORE👏🏽 champions get the shine they so deeply deserve. That means to everyone out there - your cover is next. 📸: @cassblackbird







While we honor WHM, this March we are also focusing our attention on BODY AGENCY. Focusing on how we treat our bodies. You’ll see stories on what we eat, where we go to move our bodies, and why we should try at home remedies versus over the counter tings… We only get one body, and it’s really up to us to pay attention to what it tells us. I know from personal experience that I tend to neglect myself and then pay the consequences later.

A reminder that you’re no good to anyone if you’re not making sure to take care of you first.

I hope to see you all at our event later this Month!

Peace & Light.

Yari B.

post image by ellie & co