It’s a brand new year and with that comes brand new blessings... and stressors. Through the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we should focus on checking in with ourselves as often as possible. If we don’t set up a personal system, the world has a higher chance of taking us by surprise. It’s important to not only have a supportive and lit squad but to also hustle to take care of US before anyone/anything else. Here are some ways you can do that.


Each and every day, I’m learning how to renew my mind. This has always been a struggle for me because I’m a natural-born overthinker (it’s really bad!), but I’m putting in the effort to do better. I have felt improvement with these mental check-ins.

  • Reading words of affirmations daily. I save pics on my phone that I come across that say, “There Was a Time You Wanted to be the Woman You are Now” and “It’s Okay If All You Did Today Was Survive.” I’ve learned that I have to be my biggest fan and it’s going to take everything for me to prosper.

  • Journaling thoughts and emotions.  There is so much that goes through my head that I need to map out my brain on paper. Seeing my thoughts written out not only helps me put them into perspective but also gives me the peace of mind I need. Writing is a form of therapy, so free your mind!

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A lot of us know that feeling of being “out of it.” Our mood, physical energy, and minds are off, and we just want to lay in bed. But as I lay down, I take that time to work through some of my emotions.

  • Locating the root of what’s been messing with your feels. Identification is key. Why have I been feeling down? Is it stress? A certain person or work assignment? Social media or the news?

  • Taking a break. Whether it’s five minutes or a couple hours, make time in your schedule to practice breathing and to get away from all the noise, busyness, and negativity.

  • Engaging in an activity that brings you joy. Is it writing? Painting? Reading? Being with good company? Do more of that.


This year, I’ve decided to make an effort to eat better. I’m still working on exercising (baby steps!), but so far I’ve noticed that what you put in your body affects everything.

  • Drinking more water. I’ll never forget the time I was venting to my bestie about my low energy and feeling beside myself, and she simply told me to drink more water. This will NOT solve all problems. So don’t think I’m telling you that your root cause is lack of water, but it’s a great start. I’ve noticed that the more water I drink, the better I feel.

  • Stretching. As a student and worker whose activities consist of sitting down a lot, I’ve found stretches that help your lower back and spine area to feel better. Check out some occupational therapy stretch diagrams to find stretches that work for you!

  • Eating less junk. Girl, there is nothing wrong with devouring a burger, like I really want to do right now But, it’s so important to make sure that those aren’t the main types of foods that we eat. We gotta do better because if we OD it, we’re gonna feel it but be so used to it that we don’t stop. Start slowly and don’t kill yourself, but incorporate some healthier foods into your diet. Believe it or not, there are some bangin’ options! Start with smoothies without all that sugar (trust me it still tastes good), that’s been a major key for me nowadays.

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  • Praying. This is an essential tool whether or not you’re tapped into your spirituality. For me, praying to God has been my life’s foundation. I use it for guidance, wisdom, joy, peace, and more. I even use it to make sure my loved ones are protected and doing well. Transferring good energy to others makes me feel good. But, prayer for myself has been a strong reason why I’m still standing, and it could easily be your reason too! Just say what’s on your mind, you don’t need any background or experience.

  • Meditating. Many people meditate differently. Most commonly through yoga, but recently with incense, essential oils, breathing techniques, and more. Whether you’re spiritual or not, meditating is essential to giving your brain and body a break from the everyday grind. It can take two minutes or two hours, it’s all about your time and your individuality.

Try these out, and see what works for you. Let us know what works best for you!


Gabrielle Ferrell

is a TGM contributor from Manchester, CT who loves to connect with new people, eat food, and thrive in warm weather. You can follow her here!