I hope 2019 brings us all plenty of moments to celebrate and feel joy over, as well as good health, savings, and self-love… I actually wish that upon you for this and any other lifetime, because who doesn’t want that?

I’m looking forward to the next 12 moths because I have big goals for theGIRLMOB. I spent the last few weeks interviewing some really dope candidates for new roles within the team, and found super stars! I am in awe at the fact that women from all backgrounds and walks of lives want to help make this brand and community bigger and stronger. And that is not for lack of confidence in what we have built so far, but rather me feeling really grateful that theGIRLMOB attracts such magic with the resources that it’s had thus far. I hope that serves as inspiration for any of you out there who want to build something but don’t know how or where to start… remember, if you build it they’ll come.

I look forward to introducing you to the new team in the coming days, and to seeing all your faces at our events this year { especially TGMDAY2019! }. We have some wonderful ideas brewing!


I’m also extremely thankful for YOU, our community, OUR MOB. We’re going into year numero tres and you’ve stood by us with love and support, and that to me is invaluable! I’m a strong believer that the only way to level up is by continuing to support each other, collaborate, and share opportunities (if that job ain’t for you, tag your girl so she can get the coins too!). Be there for ALL women of color, because they don’t want us to.

This January we’ll be focusing on “the balancing act” — the idea that we are all trying to have it all and do it all and how unrealistic that is. I recently read an article on Buzzfeed news called “How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation and this particular paragraph hit home:


For the past two years, I’ve refused cautions — from editors, from family, from peers — that I might be edging into burnout. To my mind, burnout was something aid workers, or high-powered lawyers, or investigative journalists dealt with. It was something that could be treated with a week on the beach. I was still working, still getting other stuff done — of course I wasn’t burned out.

But the more I tried to figure out my errand paralysis, the more the actual parameters of burnout began to reveal themselves. Burnout and the behaviors and weight that accompany it aren’t, in fact, something we can cure by going on vacation. It’s not limited to workers in acutely high-stress environments. And it’s not a temporary affliction: It’s the millennial condition. It’s our base temperature. It’s our background music. It’s the way things are. It’s our lives.

We are constantly being told that we can do everything at the same damn time, and that we SHOULD be doing everything at the same damn time. I’ve talked about how I don’t like #NeverNotWorking and #TeamNoSleep , because while being on your hustle is impressive and great for the bank, it also leaves people feeling like they’re not doing enough. I don’t mean to project onto ya’ll, but my personal goal for this year is to find my own balance and stop feeling exhausted. I’m an overachiever {lets blame it on being an only child}, but I don’t want to be in a constant state of burnout. And I hope neither do you.

Cheers to a new year, and a new attitude towards our personal goals ! Remember 2019 we’re going,


Peace & Love,