Meet Ciara Jibri, a fashion/lifestyle publicist +

the founder of HAUS of Mimosa in Chicago.


TGM: What was the driving force behind creating HAUS of Mimosa?

HAUS of Mimosa is a bi-monthly networking social that highlights the upcoming, unknown & established creatives/entrepreneurs in conversation whilst having unlimited mimosas as a beverage.  I created HAUS of Mimosa because Chicago lacked a genuine networking scene for creatives. I wanted to be able to connect people from all walks of life and expose genuine support + accessibility to those who were looking to build relationships, business or personal.

TGM: What does HAUS provide the community in Chicago that wasn't there before?

I am helping my community and my generation learn the importance of business etiquette, how to network properly, and how to maintain businesses. People always teach how to START a business, but to me that’s the easy part. I want to continue teaching how to maintain a business and successfully at that.

TGM: Where do you hope to take the brand in 2019?


In 2019, I plan to have a few dope brand activations, workshops, collaborations and a chic fashion event  :) Stay Tuned!

TGM: Who would you like to have as guests for the 2019 roster?

I would absolutely love to have Melissa Andre, Karleen Roy, June Ambrose, and Teyana Taylor in attendance as my HAUS special guests in the upcoming year.

TGM: Tell us about the Chicago creative scene!

The Chicago creative scene is very diverse. One branch can’t flourish without the other so in a sense we are forced to support one another. Music, Beauty, Fashion, etc all co-exists which is a great thing! There are some big shoes to fill considering some creative greats come from our city (Quincy Jones, Kanye, Oprah, etc). It is a motivation and inspiration to come from a city with so much impact. Chicago’s culture is infectious and wide spread now, it is very much mainstream. It’s a great city to come from and as it is still up and coming, I am happy that I am able to contribute its success.

TGM: Tell us a few creatives we should keep an eye out for.  

@EuniceVashtiBlogs, @BebeJones, @Art4Maaly and @KelliAnthony are a few of my favorite Chicago creatives, each have their own unique and individual style and personality.

TGM: How can other women in other cities and counties support the creatives that are building up Chicago?

Honestly, reaching out to just say hello and sharing a compliment is a start. Not for only Chicago but for any city. Set up productive and mutually benefiting collaborations and barter when you see fit. A lot of creatives are self starters and support goes a long way, we should add our support by ultimately trying to pick our girl up, not tear her down.


TGM: What is the hardest thing about building your own platform?

I think the hardest part is the initial execution and building that confidence within yourself to actually build the platform. When i first started in the event planning and public relation fields, I often thought “OMG what if no one comes?” “what if no one signs up to be my client?” After you get past the what if’s, I think the hardest thing for me is having the capital to bring all of my ideas to life. I feel that a lot of my ideas are very fresh and new for my city but of course, it takes money to make money and within that I stand in purpose, invest in self and keep prayer high.

TGM: What's a business growth you've had in 2018 that you feel really proud of?

My event planning growth has been immaculate this year from having a event at one of the top high end hotels in Chicago, working with an elite group of entrepreneurs to providing my city with my HAUS Call experience. Haus Call is pajama themed segment attached to my HAUS of Mimosa branch. The event provides a late morning of mask, mimosas and manicures for professionally working women. It has created this huge buzz around my city and I plan to travel with the event come Jan 2019. Its my first event installation where i literally put my blood, sweat and tears in to the marketing and the event and it showed!


TGM: Lastly, what's your favorite part about being an entrepreneur?

My favorite part about being an entrepreneur is creating experiences for others! I love meeting new people and learning new things and studying my craft constantly. Although, it can be very stressful, it is also very refreshing and rewarding knowing that my ideas and thoughts can impact a room full of people and it's even better when you can get paid for your talents and thoughts haha.

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