Fashion week just wrapped in NYC and although we couldn’t get enough of Fenty, we wanted to highlight some designers on the rise who are pushing their creativity to give us something beautiful, unique and powerful. Check them out MOB!

List curated by Alyssa Jara.

Name: Daiana Veron

Instagram Handle: @daiana_veron, @manallbrand

Background: Argentinian

Location: Charleston, SC

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Daiana, or better known as D, is an Argentinian born 27 year old. She moved to the States at the age of 10. D has since made a name for herself and carries many titles such as Fashion Designer, Creative Director, and Freelance Model. Her fashion design journey began when she was freelance modeling at the age of 19. She recalls never being completely in love with the idea of modeling and was never too set on it. About 3 years ago she began working with her fiance with his personal brand as a model, and with time began to help with design, as well.  About a year ago the power couple rebranded and became partners for MANALL.

Tell us about your designs:

MANALL is a lifestyle brand with the goal to unify women and men of every race/ethnicity, skin color, age, sexual preference and so on. My designs often start while I'm getting dressed. I usually create something that I wish I had in my closet or existed for purchase. Currently MANALL is a unisex brand so when designing I think of personal alterations that can be done to fit the style of each individual, especially when it comes to fitting both genders. Overall my designs are inspired by sportswear. I love to be comfortable and everyone who ever wears our clothing knows that we are big on on a relax fit while still creating statement pieces. So often we get the wow factor from women who weren't expecting such a great fit or to the ones who thought they "couldn't pull it off". That reaction is priceless to me. I want people to try our clothes on and feel like it was meant for them. Even though I currently design for a unisex brand I do as well have designs that are specifically for women that will hopefully come to life very soon!

Where do you get your inspiration from?:

My inspiration comes from everywhere; from being a woman in a male based industry, to being Latina and breaking the stereotypes, to simply hearing that people like your work is inspiring. From hearing "no" often in your life to hearing people tell you that they are proud of your accomplishments will inspire you to go harder. But if anything I've always been inspired by my mom who gave up everything she's known so I have a better future. She inspires me to want to succeed.

With my ethnicity, being Latina, I've had my fair shares of feeling excluded while living in the US; so we wanted this to feel like something you can relate to, no matter the circumstances. Besides fashion I really enjoy learning about cultures -  whether it comes from reading articles or in-person experiences, I've always been fascinated by cultural traditions and customs.

Name: Undra Duncan

Instagram Handle: @love_ucny

Background: African-American

Location: New York

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Undra is a Brooklyn based fashion designer who founded Undra Celeste New York in 2014. She stays motivated through her favorite things in the world - family, friends, and faith. Undra started designing at a very young age, recalling when her mom would let her cut up things to create something new.

“I’m thankful for her, for that because it allowed me to stretch my creative muscles from the very beginning.”

Undra attended Howard University for business and took many creative classes at FIT to hone her skills. She then decided to go full time into the fashion industry after taking a design sketching class while living in LA after college. She recalls how that class became her life and once it was done, decided to pack up her talents and move back to NYC. Since then, she has worked for some amazing brands and is now living her dream with her own label.

Tell us about your designs:

My design aesthetic is modern, chic and bold. I like to have all my design infused with equal parts modern and boldness. The bold usually comes in the form of bright colors, gold and bold details. I also love shiny things so you’ll also see a lots of metallics in my collections as well.

Where do you get your inspiration from:

I’m inspired by chic bold women. That would start with the women in my family. My mom and aunts were great inspiration for this collection. They’re so bold and vibrant! Especially back in the 70s and 80s. They literally transformed into these amazing disco queens each weekend. They’re still very vibrant and funny but don’t head out on the town as

Name(s): Kristen Gonzalez and Sam Romero

Instagram Handle: @selvanegra_

Ethnicity: Kristen - Filipino & Mexican, Sam - Dominican

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 8.28.17 PM.png

Kristen and Sam started Selva Negra in 2016 out of Kristen’s tiny apartment in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Sam graduated from Parsons while Kristen graduated from FIT. They used their similar aesthetics to create a brand that was a perfect collaboration of their design abilities. Three days after they launched their collection, Kristen moved to Los Angeles to produce the collection with a sustainable focus and they have been long-distance partners ever since.

Tell us about your brand and designs:

We strive to bring our vibrant Latinx culture to the independent fashion industry while keeping our designs fresh and comfortable for the empowered woman. Our designs tell a story of our past and encourage women to live independently and honestly. Everything is made ethically in Los Angeles, CA.

Where do you get your inspiration from:

We draw inspiration from the earth, architecture, our community, and art.

Name: Olivia Anthony

IG Handle: @livstreetwear, @houseofoliviaanthony,@liv4olivia

Ethnicity: African American

Location: NYC

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 8.36.37 PM.png

Olivia Anthony is an Alabama native and now, New York based designer. She launched LIV in 2012, which is a beautiful line of fashion pieces that immediately catch our eyes with the vibrant colors and intricate details - all a cross between street wear and elegance.

Tell us a little about your designs:

My designs are my 90s nostalgic dreams.

Where do you get your inspiration from:

My collections are inspired by great moments from films like Clueless and artists like Lil Kim and No Doubt.

Name: Verónica Celeste Modesto Ferreiro

Instagram Handle: @blessmyfunk, @blessmyfunkhome

Ethnicity: Latina

Location: Dominican Republic

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 8.43.32 PM.png

Born and raised in the DR, Verónica grew up with a love for art always painting as a child and is now a bold 26 year old designer. She realized, as a teen, that she really wanted to pursue a fashion career. After high school, at the age of 18 she moved to Milan to study fashion at the Istituto Marangoni, then returned home and created bless my funk, which has since participated on National and International runways such as Dominicana Moda and Mercedes Fashion week in Panamá. She has been proudly creating fashion since 2014 and is now expanding to home decoration luxury goods!

Tell us about your designs:

bless my funk is a contemporary, ready-to-wear brand made for bold women, with a style interpreted as “chic and fun”. We like to celebrate individuality with funky fresh, unique designs and textiles that we also create. Our women always like the uniqueness and given opportunity to express themselves. I love to design pieces that people feel comfortable and effortless with yet still having lots of personality.

A very important note is that right now bless my funk is expanding to home decor products, as well! After our first pillow collection, I really had a feeling that I had to pursue this new path, so stay tuned for this!

(the Instagram of @blessmyfunkhome and the website are under construction, but they'll be out very soon!)

We’re also really into supporting our community of female fellow artists, like-minded brands, and entrepreneurs. We believe there’s room at the top for all of us. That’s why we create our monthly gathering called "the focus group" which is an opportunity for women entrepreneurs to develop their networks with like-minded women as they grow and scale their businesses, and discuss any struggles, concerns or achievements. It's definitely a very fun and productive reunion for every female that is starting or growing a business.

Where do you get your inspiration from:

My inspiration comes from everywhere. I'm very curious and I’m always reading, watching and looking for things. I always find something that excites my spirit; sometimes it’s hard to focus on just one thing, but I might say that my strongest inspiration comes from the pop culture, 90's references, and the cool kids of tokyo.

Name: Dianne Halloway

Instagram Handle: @diannehalloway

Ethnicity: African American

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 8.49.38 PM.png

American interdisciplinary sneaker designer, Dianne Halloway, came to prominence as known best described “footwear industry abstract”. She has since made waves in the fashion world with her A—DI interdisciplinary initiative label, Dianne Halloway. Dianne was born in 1985, in separation from her parents during her early adolescence—foster care move abouts throughout her childhood and aging out of the system created challenges. She grew up in Phoenix, Arizona without any support system and lack of resources while transitioning to adulthood. In 2008, Halloway received her bachelor degree in the Interdisciplinary School of Arts and Sciences from the University of Arizona State.

Tell us about your designs:

I specialize in men sneaker and footwear spatial design. All of my designs are a interdisciplinary approach.

Where do you get your inspiration from:

My inspiration works very much like a mood board— in combination of an idea or hybrid system between a traditional system and new system of interdisciplinary.

Name: Sayran Barzani
Instagram Handle: @sayran
Ethnicity: Kurdish American
Location: Los Angeles


Tell us about your designs/inspiration:

Most of my designs are inspired by growing up Kurdish in the diaspora. I like to mix older Kurdish traditions with modern twists, that to me represent growing up Kurdish in America. The idea of the "evil eye" is something I grew up around, my mom always had a glass eye on the wall of our home to protect and ward off the bad eyes/energy. All my collections focus on that and with my pieces I like to create and radiate good energy and positive light into the world. Ancient Egypt is also a really big place I draw from. I'm not Egyptian but the mystic Pisces in me is like "I definitely spent a couple of past lives there" because I have always been so naturally drawn to it, second nature almost. The symbolism behind the civilization and culture is so beautiful and otherworldly and super empowering as a woman. 

Website (if any):


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