From chocolate, to wine, to candles and clothes - everything you could possibly need to treat yourself and/or others is in this list. Can you believe all these amazing goodies and products are created and sold by WOC owned businesses? WE CAN! As we’re focusing on WOC entrepreneurs this month, we wanted to give you brands created by women who look like you and we hope you spend some of your holiday budget on them when you go shopping this Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Get into it MOB!



IG: @velascaarves

V E L A  was founded by Marwa Ati. Her culture and eye for fashion led her to the designs of many different veils described as beautiful, elegant, and affordable.

One thing we love: From graphic designs, to beads and zippers - these head scarves are changing the fashion game, while still maintaining their cultural integrity!

Siete Family Foods

IG: @sietefoods

OK, so even though siete is Spanish for seven… and this family of seven together founded Siete Family Foods - let’s highlight Veronica Garza, uno de los siete, who came up with the idea of grain-free tortillas. Her and her family are building an empire her idea after her battles with health issues.

One thing we love: Siete Family Foods is “passionate about making and sharing real food, gathering together in authentic community, and advocating for healthier lifestyles among Latino families” as stated on their site. Buy this for mami and get the wellness makeover going!


IG: @skinbuttr

skinBUTTR is comprised of natural skincare products and was founded by Tatiana Price “with the mission to simplify, educate, build confidence, and promote healthy skin” as stated on the website.

One thing we love: skinBUTTR is inspired by its consumer! All products are hand made, and free of parabens and harmful chemicals.


IG: @chocovivo_la

ChocoVivo is a bean-to-bar chocolate company founded by Patricia Tsai. Only dark chocolate is made through a traditional stone ground process that was implemented thousands of years ago by the Mayans and Aztecs.

One thing we love: Tsai chose not to go the “standard route” in order to obtain cocoa beans by working with distributors, but instead found a grower in Tabasco, Mexico to bring all these products to life. ChocoVivo is well-known for chocolate drinks as well as other products like bars, and body oils. Chocolate drinks and chocolate body oil? We’re sold.

Beads Byaree

IG: @beadsbyaree

Founded by Areeayl Goodwin, Beads Byaree is comprised of a chic and bold vibe of earrings, chokers, rings and other accessories. From short phrases to spoons and plants, Areeayl draws most of her inspo from everyday things.

One thing we love: Areeayl is breaking the boundaries around classic jewelry and helping us make the kind of statement that we come from Queens.


IG: @litbklyn

LIT BKLYN is a luxury soy candle company that is hand-poured in Brooklyn, founded by Denequa Williams.

One thing we love: The idea of travel candles which are designed in a gold compacted tin can and the simplicity of the designs - bringing home with you wherever you go!

Rizos Curls

IG: @rizoscurls

Rizos Curls was founded by Julissa Prado - a young Latina who recalls going through many phases with her curly hair as a child. From the slick, slick pulled ponytails to wearing it “à la crunchy” with extra hairspray, as she calls it… A lot of us have been there and can relate!

One thing we love: Julissa decided to create hair products thanks to her experiences as a child when she used to save her money in order to buy and try MANY products, only to never find something that truly worked for her hair type (and we can all relate to saving our coins for something only to be disappointed afterwards). Her line of products aims to celebrate all curl types!

Bless My Funk - Home

IG: @blessmyfunkhome

Bless My Funk is a brand founded and created by Dominican Native, Verónica Modesto. You may recognize her line because we’ve highlighted her clothing before, but she’s also in the process of creating home decor and we LOVE it! The entire line is all about vibrant colors that will give life to any space.

One thing we love: The line is focused on pillows and wall art - but, we never knew one pillow could add so much to a room.


IG: @pluggednycstore

Plugged was founded in 2016 by Tizita Balemlay, and all clothing is made and manufactured in Brooklyn, NY. The brand quickly became a celebrity favorite with stars like RiRi rocking the designs.

One thing we love: Tizita is only in her early 20’s! And with the help of her cousin, who is in public relations, they have built this quickly growing empire. Yasss hunny, we love to see young WOC in business!

Suite Four

IG: @drinksuitefour

There are so many things we’re loving about this sparkling wine. First of all, WINE! Who doesn’t love wine year round and ESPECIALLY during the holidays?! And wine is on THIS list - meaning YES there’s a california sparkling wine founded by Cy Yarbrough, a WOC who is only in her 20’s!

One thing we love: This statement straight from their website -- “Millennials can be gainfully employed, well educated and listen to trap music in a crowded restaurant, during brunch where glasses overflow with bubbles”. By the millenial for the millenials and we are here for it.


IG: @mdmflow

MDMflow is a cosmetics company founded by Florence Adepoju at the age of 22. Her dream came to her at the age of 17 after a visit to Benefit Cosmetics. From there she decided to go to school and study Cosmetic Science at London College of Fashion and work at beauty retailers around in her time around that, until she fully committed to building her empire.

One thing we love: Florence’s character shows through her designs from black and gold colors to 90’s era themed vibes.

Aba Love Apothecary


Aba Love Apothecary is a collection of botanical skincare products and healing aromatics founded and created by Aba Gyepi-Garbrah through her interest in plant medicine. Aba attended the New York Institute of Aromatherapy where she cultivated her skills and built her brand out of passion.

One thing we love: Seed, plant, and floral oils in place of synthetic parabens and fragrances - we’re sold.


IG: @loquitabathandbody

Founded by Yamira Vanegas, Loquita is the creator of the Original Concha bath bomb. They take things from their culture that they have grown up with to inspire all sorts of bath products that people enjoy.

One thing we love: Everything they sell is colorful, a reminder of how vibrant Latinx culture is!


IG: @yatirclothing

Yatir Clothing is a plus size clothing brand started in 2016 by LA native, Joi Lanell! They focus on streetwear that will also make you feel glam!

One thing we love: Their ‘Pay the Lady’ collection. According to their website, each month, a portion of the profits from "Pay The Lady" products on their site will be donated to one lucky lady.

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Alyssa Jara

is a TGM Contributor from Los Angeles. Find her here