name: tracy g

occupation:  edutainer - a hybrid of educator and entertainer. i'm 1/3 of the on-air cast for sway in the morning, i'm also the voice for radio andy, and i'm the founder of she's beauty and the beast - which is a personal development brand for dope women

age you feel: in spirit i feel 30, but in body i feel 23


GGNYC: first tell us what it is that you do at sway in the morning

TG:  i'm primarily responsible for all the entertainment reporting, so i have a segment called celebrity wire - what's awesome is that my foundation is in journalism... i was editor at vibe and then wrote for a bunch of different magazines, and the reason why i ventured off into radio was because i didn't want to feel like i was a slave to page views. i didn't want to feel like i had to shield my words since i didn't know if the editor in chief would be using an artist i interviewed as a cover subject... SO! on radio it's great because i get to represent myself. even though i don't really give a fuck about celebrity culture, what's great about sway in the morning is that we are rooted in actual humanity. for example: the big story isn't about wiz and kanye, it's finding the string that connects it to the rest of us as people. we're not sitting there making the artist a demi-god of our nation - it's about why that story is relatable and why it impacts society so much. and what's also dope is that we interview a slew of people, not just people who do music. it's a good cornucopia of folks

GGNYC: what about radio andy?

TG: so for radio andy (created by andy cohen) i do all the voice over work, he has about seven different shows under his channel, so i'm the voice for all his segments, his promos etc... i'm THE voice of radio andy {laughs}

GGNYC: well we love your voice! now tell us about the wonderful world of she's beauty and the beast

TG: that is bae! i told myself i wouldn't call my businesses baby anymore because i feel like that builds an unhealthy attachment, because if you have a child you can't take a break, and you can't divorce yourself from the baby! but if you have a project that isn't the way you want it to be you can evaluate and deuce it up if the progress isn't there. so she's beauty and the beast, was a natural project for me to invest in. you know how they say you are the company you keep? well, i'm always surrounded by amazing women and i am always listening to podcasts. and one time i was listening to joel olsteen, who was saying that you have to write down your affirmations. you have to be aware of your self talk, because it's just seeping into your subconscious. and repetition is the mother of learning.

so i listened and decided to write my affirmations and eventually i was like let me record this. just like music... you listen to a song a few times and it makes you feel things. so i said, i really need to record these affirmations and listen to them. so one day i go into work and my spirit is feeling a bit cagey... and i go into this space with all these computers, and i put my headphones on so that i could listen to my recordings. when i was done listening, heather b came to me and was like "did you know that was blasting through the speakers? "-- which made sense because people kept looking at me crazy! let me tell you something, i rarely feel embarrassed, but i felt deeper than embarrassed at that moment! i felt some level of shame! but the truth is that i felt very vulnerable and that's always scary. i later told a friend what happened and he asked to listen to it and his feedback was "YO! this is fire!" {laughs}... he encouraged me to share this with the masses which made me realize that perhaps i should

GGNYC: and then how did you get to where you are with it now

TG: so i got my girl glam, who is an awesome producer, to create music for it, and i called them audio vision boards. everyone knows what a vision board is, they keep you focused on your goals, but you can't take a big ass board around with you! however, with audio you can just pop your headphones in when needed. i thought how as we get older our go to friend that puts us at ease isn't always available... she's in a meeting, or she's fucking her boyfriend or she's in a bubble bath with no phones allowed. so that's what this is... it provides you with a boost to get you out of a funk or to start your day off right

GGNYC: what are some of the topics you cover?

TG: well i did one about social media because instagram's main ingredient is perception, right? and i felt like every time i got on that thing everyone was doing laps around me in the game of life. and that's not the reality of things! i have an EP dropping this march during women's history month. it's called love, life and that good shit -- and i'm really excited about it because these are actually mixed with an engineer... and i cover topics on love, money, resilience, and living

GGNYC: where would you like to take what you're doing with she's beauty and the beast in the next couple of years?

TG: my main focus right now is doing a lot of speaking engagements. i want to create different avenues/products that help us become the best versions of ourselves. so the next step for me with this EP is to create a card deck of affirmations. and eventually, further down the line, i would love to have a she's beauty and the beast tour... kinda like the vagina monologues. taking that as a blueprint, adding a dance performance to it and combining an honest conversation with a public figure about self-image and self-esteem in the day of social media... that would be dope

GGNYC: let's go back to radio for a second, how do you differentiate yourself from the other women who do radio?

TG: hmmm... well you know when you're little you're always told to be yourself? and it sounds so simple until you become an adult. i've had moments where i've had to remind myself to just be me! like once i was on uncommon-sense - charlamagne's show- and i was sitting in between these two comedians. and all of a sudden i felt this pressure to be funny in order to make a poignant point! well i had to tell myself that i wouldn't be in that seat unless they wanted me and knew who i was. so i'm not going out of my way to be different than anyone, but i will say that i care about spirit. and i haven't really seen that in radio -- except for the people who i actually work with, we care about social responsibility. i have not seen a younger voice on radio who cares about encouragement and development. i'm always trying to find a balance between critiquing and creating, because if the center of who you are is someone who only knows to be witty by saying what they don't like-- then you're not really adding to the culture. i understand that a celebrity walks into a room guarded, because they don't know if they're going to be used as a pawn for ratings, so i respect that and treat them as i'd want to be treated when i'm being interviewed

GGNYC: do you have anyone who inspires you to pursue the things that you do?

TG: yea, gabrielle bernstein, marie forleo, sway calloway... let me tell you something - sway is like the only person who i would approve polygamy for {laughs} - sway is such a high caliber human. he's not all self-righteous, he is just a really fucking solid dude that i want as many versions of him as possible! so if that requires multiple wives then let's go for it! i also love oprah, even if that sounds cliche. i love charlamagne -- i think he's excellent at what he does, he is not afraid to share his light and share the spotlight. i'm really blessed to have peers who are on the same mission as me. it's all about fostering love. love for self and love for community


GGNYC: tell us about one of the favorite items in your closet

TG: the first thing that came to mind is my jcole forrest hill drive concert t-shirt. it's the first item i've ever bought at a concert, and i could have gotten it for free, but i needed to make that transaction and put it into the universe. it has so many good memories attached to it. and i'm one of those people who if you don't fuck with cole then i can't really fuck with you! it makes me question you as a person

GGNYC: we agree with you! now, there's a fire in your apartment what three items do you save

TG: i think these rihanna creepers, i love dichotomies and i think these shoes are so ugly but endearing {laughs} .... and i just like them! i'm trying to attract this man who's in the same music video as me {laughs}. i need to take things i can get a lot of wear out of -- because social media, well you know. the second item is my long olive green bomber jacket from h&m that i can wear as a jacket or as a dress. and my third item would be this awesome new york baseball cap from urban outfitters, which i know sounds basic when i say it but its denim... it's not something you can get at lids, it's for the cute and casual look 

GGNYC: describe your style in one word

TG: one word? hmmm... i'm going to hyphenate "tomboy-chic"

GGNYC: if you could raid anyones closet, which would it be

TG: the office closet at nasty gal

GGNYC: based on fashion which era in the last 100 years would you like to be a part of

TG: the victorian era, i'd only want to be there for a week... and then i'd want to be in the 60s as a hippie for a year!

GGNYC: name three beauty products you can't live without

TG: i cannot live without fucking concealer! either nars creamy concealer or makeup forevers hd concealer - GAME CHANGER. the other thing is mascara - GAME CHANGER - and from the brand sugar, a lip balm. you cannot have chapped fucking lips in these streets!

GGNYC: you are doing a line of perfumes, what are three names for the line

TG: sweetest taboo, trench coat and heels and love light & that good shit


GGNYC: tell us the top five apps on your phone

TG: snapchat, headspace for meditating, instagram, my fitness pal, and spotify - i am a spotify whore! {laughs} i'll never break up with spotify! i'll wear a spotify shirt for 30-days straight

GGNYC: who's your favorite person to follow on social media

TG: ok i'll mention someone for each app... on twitter it's rob hill sr, for instagram is my friend melissa - bombshellmel, on snapchat is a tie between brittany renner - her snapchat is so fun to watch! and bridget kelly

GGNYC: what was your favorite cereal cartoon combo as a child

TG: well one, i love soggy cereal. LOVE IT! soggy fruity pebbles is out of this world. that combined with doug! ahh final answer

GGNYC: you win a trip around the world, who do you take and what's the first stop

TG: i take my best friend who reaffirms my belief in god everyday and we would go to thailand

GGNYC: hollywood called and they're making a film about you- who do you cast to play your role and what genre is the film?

TG: kerry washington and it would be a dark coming of age film

GGNYC: you found a time travel machine, where do you go and why

TG: oh my gosh! i'd go to lots of places. the first would be to b.c. so that i can see how that first woman dealt with her period. because i be thinking about this, when did men decide to really belittle us??  and i think it began with the first period! he was probably like "yo, you're a liability! i just got this saber tooth tiger away from us and here you are bleeding! you're attracting these fucking animals!" he probably thought she was cursed... i want to go there and see that  {laughs} 

GGNYC: beyonce is featuring you in her next big single, what do you name the track

TG: black girl magic

GGNYC: favorite interview you've done so far

TG: it's a combo of people, macklemore because it was a solid conversation about race, terry cruz - who is really good for black men to listen to, and kim cattrall - she shed so much light on being in your 50s. she was super chill and awesome

GGNYC: you get to have a private dinner with four people, who are they

TG: elizabeth gilbert, oprah, david blaine, and moses! {laughs}


GGNYC: tell us your favorite song to be seduced to

TG: {laughs} these dudes know nothing about seduction! this song isn't sexy, but if you play st tropez by jcole-- it will be on and popping!

GGNYC: describe your best sex in one word

TG: celestial

GGNYC: what makes you feel vulnerable

TG: vocalizing my feelings to someone without knowing that they will reciprocate

GGNYC: one thing you want recognition for

TG: i want recognition for being a flawed woman who unlocked her godliness and wasn't afraid to show others to do the same

GGNYC: name something about yourself you are currently working on

TG: my four pack and patience

GGNYC: name something about yourself you've made peace with 

TG: being open to god's creative possibilities in my love life. i had this epiphany recently. i used to think that the person for me was someone i already knew. i always thought that the only folks i'd be in a relationship with are folks i currently have access to. but i realize that as i am evolving i am attracting all these new awesome people, and so it makes me curious to see who is out there and who i am going to attract outside my circle. there are levels to living that i dont have the key to, and my lover may already be the boss of! so let me reach a higher crown instead of thinking these motherfuckers around me are my only option. let god lead the way 

GGNYC: name something about yourself that you love

TG: physically i love my boobs, my breast, my tits {laughs} and i love how empathetic i am 

GGNYC: name a misconception that you think people may have of you

TG: i think that because i am a scorpio and i am bisexual people think that i am way more sexually active than i am. and i've been celibate for almost a year now. and in addition to that i think that because people see i am about personal development that every day is a sunny day for me ... and its not, its just that i have an arsenal of weapons of mass construction that get me out of bad moods way faster than i was ever able to do before

GGNYC: write a note on a post-it to your 65 year old self

TG: okay! i'd say hey my love, just remember: although you may be older than some, you will always be younger than someone else... you're the shit!

GGNYC: alright, now finish the following sentences for us ... i'm at my happiest when ___

TG: i'm side by side with god, collaborating with him

GGNYC: when i'm 82 i hope that i ____

TG: have kept my word

GGNYC: new york is ____

TG: i don't know, i have mixed feelings about nyc... new york is the best gym your spirit will ever step into

GGNYC: my girlfriends are ____

TG: my soulmates

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