name: my name is angela rosario but people call me angie rose

occupation: i’m an artist

age you feel: probably like 12 … i’m actually 25


GGNYC: tell us what that means when you say that you’re an artists

AR: so i make hip hop and r&b music. i’m also a christian so that’s a common thread in my music. not so much preaching but it’s a part of me and the music i like to create

GGNYC: what made you want to pursue music

AR: i always wanted to pursue music… but my parents are latino and they would be like "no you need to be a lawyer" something stable. so i said okay. and when i went to college people found out i could rap and then saw that i could also sing. so a classmate asked me to do a feature for him and i was like let me try this. i went to the studio to work on my part of the song, and he tells the people in the studio that i could also rap. no one believed that… so he throws on some beats and they made me freestyle. needless to say, that same afternoon they sent me beats to use and we started to work together. so i think music really pursued me… it was inescapable 

GGNYC: did you end up finishing school?

AR: i didn’t actually. and my parents weren’t as upset as i thought they would be… thankfully. i was a philosophy major, and i noticed that i wasn’t intentional about the degree. i was just doing the work to get the grades, which isn’t fulfilling. i wanted to really learn things, but when i realized that i was trying to get through assignments quickly so that i could work on my music… when i realized that my priority had changed, i was like let me stop doing music part time. to me school isn’t going anywhere, i can always go back and get that degree

GGNYC: you said that being a christian shows up in your lyrics, do you feel that that’s a challenge when the music that’s out right now is selling the complete opposite of that

AR: i haven’t quite found the challenge in that yet… the only challenge i’ve found is how much people tell me that it WILL become a challenge. but people more often than not are just accepting. my music isn’t like JOHN 3:16! people don’t know i’m christian until they catch a line in a song that speaks to that… i'm still subtle about it

GGNYC: and is putting your religion in your music something that you’re doing intentionally? since you mentioned doing things with intention before 

AR: i dont want to force the word religion on this, it’s more like i found something that changed my life. i’m not writing songs and saying i need to mention jesus in this rhyme! if it comes up it’s because that’s my world view and where i’m speaking from. if you ask me about something it will likely be answered from my core beliefs, and that stems from jesus

GGNYC: how do you differentiate yourself from the rest of the young mcs

AR: i’m just being me, my natural true self, and that makes me different. there’s nobody out there that's me, so that sets me apart

GGNYC: do you have anyone who inspires you

AR: yea lots of people do. as far as artists though, i’ll say lauryn hill still inspires me. she proclaimed god - we don’t know what god- but she didn’t care, she was not shameful about that. her authenticity and her lyrics really move me

GGNYC: where would you like to take this in the next few years

AR: i want to give my music to a broader audience, i am a christian but i don’t want to be in a niche market. that’s not my goal with this, i want my music to be for the masses

GGNYC: do you have an ep out right now

AR: not yet… i have a few freestyles and i have three singles out… but not a full body of work yet

GGNYC: is it easier for you to write down your lyrics or are you like jay-z who goes off the dome

AR: it depends. i did a cypher recently and in it i did four verses, the first three were all written and the last one was a freestyle. and people told me that the last one was the best. so for me, writing my verses down first allows me to be in my comfort zone because i can think through my words… but it seems to come out better when im not trying to be perfect with it

GGNYC: there’s a lot of reality tv shows out like the sisterhood of hip hop, would you ever be a part of something like that if a vh1 called

AR: it would have to be the right type of show… i’ve been approached by some already and … i’d need it to be the right show. these shows are dangerous. i wouldn't want to be a part of something that doesn’t paint me in the right light- you got producers editing things a certain way and i just don't think thats a game i’m willing to play in right now

GGNYC: if in five years time you blow up and are doing great for yourself in music, would you rather continue to be independent or sign to a big label

AR: see that’s hard to gage. my goal is to reach the biggest amount of people in the world, it isn't to make the most money. obviously money is a necessity, so i wont sit here and front {laughs} — but if i’m doing well and a label comes a long that could take me to the next level without robbing me then, yes that would be something i’d consider


GGNYC: whats your favorite item in your closet and where did you get it

AR: my nike roshe, i have a few pairs of them… i wear them a lot {laughs}

GGNYC: there’s a fire in your apt and you could only save three items. what are they

AR: my red roshe sneakers, which im currently wearing. i have this hoodie that my best friend hates-- but i love it so i'd grab that for sure, and my leather jacket

GGNYC: describe your style 

AR: comfy cool 

GGNYC: if you could raid anyone’s closet, whose would it be

AR: hmmm. that would be kanye, i’m in there!

GGNYC: name three beauty products you can’t live without

AR: cantu product- which is for the hair, it smells amazing… my hair brush… and my in-styler flat iron... so i can do curly and straight

GGNYC: since you like kanye’s closet, would you be interested in doing your own line in the future

AR: yea, i’m looking into that with a brand out in florida. i don’t know much about fashion, but i do know what i like


GGNYC: what are the top four apps on your phone

AR: spotify, instagram, tetris, and my dictionary app

GGNYC: girlgangnyc is giving you an award for badass babe, what theme song do you pick to walk up to the podium

AR: steppenwolf- born to be wild 

GGNYC: favorite cartoon cereal combo in the morning as a child

AR: cocoa pebbles and rugrats

GGNYC: you won a free trip around the world, who do you take and what’s your first stop

AR: i would take my brother and the first stop is hawaii

GGNYC: hollywood called and they’re making a movie about you. who do you cast to play you and what genre is the film

AR: i’d say vashtie and this film is a drama

GGNYC: you find a time travel machine, where do you go and why

AR: i’d say the 40s because that’s the era my parents were born in… my dad was born in 1944- ta’ viejito… but yes i’d like to understand them better so hopefully that would help

GGNYC: you just won a grammy for album of the year, tell us your acceptance speech

AR: i’m so grateful for the opportunity to be recognized for doing something i would never consider work. i feel that this shows that people care not only about the way my music sounds but truly are paying attention to what i am saying. i pray that this is not an award, but that this album is something that transforms generations

GGNYC: what’s your favorite sound

AR: {makes raindrop sound with mouth} … {laughs}… ok ok, i like percussions. so african drums

GGNYC: you get to pick three artists to feature in your first album, who are they

AR: j. cole, drake and jay-z

GGNYC: if you could have a dinner with four people who would they be

AR: jay-z, t.d. jakes, lincoln and socrates

GGNYC: who is you favorite person to follow on social

AR: andy mineo - he’s another christian artist


GGNYC: whats your favorite song to be seduced to

AR: anything by ed sheeran 

GGNYC: when was the last time you had a good cry and what was it about

AR: i don't even remember… but i think that’s what makes a good cry, it doesn’t have a reason 

GGNYC: what makes you feel guarded

AR: being around people that don’t care about my opinion

GGNYC: what makes you blush

AR: almost anything! that question made me blush

GGNYC: what is something about yourself you’re currently working on

AR: i can be really selfish, and i can overlook the needs of others when i’m thinking of what it is that i need or want. so i'm working on being more selfless

GGNYC: what’s something about yourself you’ve made peace with

AR: that i’m awkward

GGNYC: name something about yourself that you love

AR: that i love seeing people happy… it makes me smile

GGNYC: if you could give your 12 year old self advice what would it be

AR: don't worry so much

GGNYC: finish these sentences… new york is____

AR: the best city in the world

GGNYC: i’m at my happiest when____

AR: i think clearly 

GGNYC: my girlfriends are___

AR: dope!

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