name: JaSaun Buckner

occupation: producer, digital media consultant & photo hobbyist

age you feel: i'm 36, but i feel 32


GGNYC: tell us about being a producer and what made you pursue that type of work

JB: i'm a visual person and as a career i wanted to create. i went to howard university and wanted to do more than just sell content, i wanted there to be a purpose behind my work. i knew i wanted to get into film making as a profession, so i thought going into tv would allow me to learn while pursuing what i wanted.

GGNYC: tell us about one of your favorite projects and how that has impacted you

JB: i love pretty much all my projects as i've been able to work on conscious content. my favorite was when i was working at nickelodeon and i worked on degrassi. aside from it being fun and entertaining, every episode was about real issues that teens deal with. i often took on the episodes that dealt with suicide, rape, depression and because the show was such a hit for the network we were able to do big things like shoot a special episode in africa. i got to work with so many amazing people! including drake--- i was there for the early aubrey days. he always had a warm spirit and i felt that i came out of our conversations knowing a little more about myself.

GGNYC: oh aubrey! anything else you're working on right now?

JB: yes! currently doing a digital show for bet networks called what's at stake. it's content that gives a platform for millennials to talk about the issues that matter to them. it's in their own words, and it's great because it lends itself to healthy conversation. i'm a founding producer on the series and it's definitely my second favorite thus far in my career.

GGNYC: in an ideal world, what's next for you?

JB: almost everything that i've wanted, i've made it happen... so in a few years i want to have my own show as an executive producer--- even though my father encourages me to be in front of the camera but i'm too shy for that.


GGNYC: there's a fire in your apt and you can only save three items, what are they?

JB: my purple suade pumps my mother gave me, my yellow leather pants even though they don't always fit, and my denim rabbit fur jacket!

GGNYC: that sounds like a party! what's an item you'd like to pass down to your future daughter?

JB: i have this envelope shaped louis vuitton purse that my mother gave me and she got it from my grandma, so that would be it.

GGNYC: which celebrities closet would you raid in one hour?

JB: naomi campbell or erykah badu... i don't think i'd wear anything from erykah badu but i'd like to see whats in there.


GGNYC: what's your favorite song to be seduced to?

JB: there was a guy i dated whose ringtone for me was ludacris' what's your fantasy and i thought it was crazy but i liked it at the same time.

GGNYC: what's a music album that has made you feel something big?

JB: bilal has an album called love for sale that i just love... because it makes me feel like the intoxication, the seduction of love, even the sadness is all worth it for it... i feel like he wrote the album for me. this album is eight years old and i still feel ways about it. 

GGNYC: what are some things about yourself that you love?

JB: i love that i'm honest and that i'm a very solid person who can adapt to situations but i'm not changing who i am. i'm jasaun no matter what. 

GGNYC: last question, what's one piece of advice or wisdom that you'd give your 15 year old self?

JB: just do it. i can be so in my head, such a thinker... just do it. all the things you're thinking and feeling that you want to pursue, just do them.



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