name: yoli 

occupation: stylist & co-creator of made real vodka

age you feel: I actually feel my age... i'm 30 even though i don't look it {laughs}


GGNYC: tell us about your work 

YG: my 9-5 is at a museum, but like a true new yorker i have multiple side hustles. i freelance as a stylist and i also co-created a vodka which is called made real.

GGNYC: tell us a little bit about made real vodka

YG: so made real vodka has been a two year process, it started off as us being a part of a focus group for penod ricard who owns absolut vodka and it evolved into eight of us having this idea about a vodka for women that showcases entrepreneurship, for the woman who is a go-getter and pursues her dreams. we launched it in june of 2015 and we are carried at three different liquor stores, two in uptown, one in the lower east side and another in brooklyn.

GGNYC:  GirlGang is all for this vodka! now tell us about styling 

YG: i was taking classes at f.i.t and one day at a hair salon the person taking care of me, who is a well known hair stylist and makeup artist, complimented my outfit and we ended up exchanging contact info. a few weeks later he hit me up and asked me if i wanted to style a pageant and i didn't hesitate! i've been doing it since 2009.



GGNYC: there's a fire in your apt and you could only save three items from your closet, what are they?

YG: my blue aldo sandals, my vintage sequins jacket and a thrift store bag that i love which i found for 10 dollars!

GGNYC: tell us an artist or movie star that you would like to style in a shoot

YG: angelina jolie, anything that she puts on looks like it was custom for her... plus she's so classy!

GGNYC: whose closet would you raid in one hour?

YG: vanessa hudgens and kendall jenner's 

GGNYC: tell us what are some fall 2015 must-haves

YG: a wool poncho, high waisted wide-leg jeans, capes and some booties!


GGNYC: what are the top five apps on your phone?

YG: pinterest, twitter, asos, instagram and vogue runway- it's amazing!

GGNYC: finish this sentence: when i'm 82 i hope that i'm ____

YG: still vibrant, confident, happy and energetic!

GGNYC: what makes you feel vulnerable?

YG: not making others happy

GGNYC: what is something you want recognition for that will be part of your legacy

YG: not to quote drake {laughs}! but starting from the bottom... i was told to go to school for nursing/education but i chose to go to school for what i wanted. i'm pursuing my passion.

GGNYC: what's next for yoli?

YG: getting my career more established within the fashion industry, no matter what it takes.

GGNYC: finish this sentence: my girlfriends are ____

YG: my baes!

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