It’s always nice to see a month where the planets aren’t warring with each other. There’s no reason why this can’t be a month of heart-felt resolutions, growing progress and rapid inspiration. And for those who have been laboring so hard throughout the year, especially Capricorns, you should start seeing very soon the fruits of your labor. For the rest of you, it’s just lots of sex, fun and rock and roll. See below!



The aches of summer are finally starting to give you some space, as you’ll notice a relaxed energy setting into your chart by the first week of October. It’s not that things will automatically start to run smoothly; but you will start to see that you know the system more now — who to bark back at and what power moves you can really play. If you keep your wits about you, this month, you’ll finally see some room for progress. However, if you’re still holding on to old fears and wounds, you can push yourself further off the path of your wishes.

When it comes to love, Venus will be helping you work through any kinks that have been lingering along for a while now. What needs to come to the light will surely make it’s way there, you can expect to finally come to some resolutions — but only if you keep a cool head. See the theme here? Are you ready to believe the best is yet to come? Because, it truly is.



In some ways, October is the perfect time for you to start over. To let go of the baggage you’ve been carrying with you throughout the year and just walk towards your spiritual liberation. And… well, let’s be honest. You’re sexual liberation as well.

If you don’t work towards this, there is an energy in your chart, thanks to the New Moon and Mercury that could make you take things to an extreme in your own mind. There is a possibility to get incredibly hard on yourself, or others, and add a much more serious tone to things that helps no one in the situation. If anything, try to let the New Moon this month bring you through to a new version of yourself — and see what is safe to let go to the wayside.



Everyone loves to be close to someone, and you’ll be no exception to this rule in October. In fact, you might be feeling yourself longing for extra company and a bed warmer beside you, thanks to Venus and her sneaky ways this October.

Part of this drive to be loved has a little to do with Neptune, who is currently in your chart wreaking havoc in the self-esteem department. Whether it’s a miscalculation in your bills or a friendship gone suddenly awry, this month you could be a little hard on yourself. Neptune always makes us wonder if we’ll ever know what the hell we’re doing, and loves to lament over the tiniest mistakes we make. Try not to let imposture syndrome take control this month. You could end up pushing away the love and company that you’re seeking without knowing.



This month has all the potential to be one of your most successful of the year. With a planetary alignment such as this, it’s almost as if everything you touch suddenly turns into gold. To keep this influence in it’s most positive place, try to lean off of Jupiter’s energy in your chart and just go with the flow. A positive, optimistic attitude will make all the difference, especially in social circles where people are looking for some level of calm in the chaotic world around them. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were a bit more popular than usual this October!



What a great idea month for you! If you’ve ever wanted to write a book, take a cooking class or start your own business — or something that’s been nagging at your heart for a very long time — the cosmos are gathered around you now to give your wildest dreams an extra boost.

But if you’re going to get started, you better be quick as you’ll find yourself quite busy in the middle of the month with all the not-so-fun stuff around the workplace. The boring, administrative things that make you want to sleep for hours. Be careful not to let these things irritate you too much if you can. It’s important to remember that you are a part of a community — no matter how talented you think you are. Any attitude you project that wants to rise above mundane responsibilities right now will only get push back and start trouble. Instead, just push through the work as quick as possible, and plan your lunch breaks for your secret project instead.



Venus has got you in a bit of an animalistic state this month, with a libido that would put Samantha Jones to shame. It’s not without reason, however. You are just more likely to feel like your most powerful self this month, and will delight in all things that seem like the best that life has to offer. Especially when it comes to romantic relationships — because you’re not so romantic ones are going to be a bit of a pain in the ass this October.

You’ll see it most clear around the new moon, when you have to ask yourself — what am I still holding on to, and who can I let go of now? What doesn’t really make sense for me? Avoiding this conflict isn’t going to make life any easier. You can’t cheat your way out of this situation — well you can… you’ll probably just get caught. Time to face the uncomfortable, dear Virgo.



This month should feel like a major milestone for you — not just because it’s your birthday month, but because you really have worked hard this year to get what you deserve. The planets have seen to it, in both the office and in your social life. People have come and gone. Work troubles have strengthened your resolve. And now you’re facing one of the luckiest influences your sign has seen in over a year’s time.

This month is all about you seizing the moment, planting kisses on the lips, and taking every bit of the raise you have earned all the way to the bank. Ask for things. Ask for relationships. Ask for what you want  — and know the universe will say yes. This is the month of YOU. And you sure as hell earned it.



This should be an easier month to get things moving along. You’ve come fully into your own by now, thanks to the star’s grueling year of refinement, loss and change.

This October should be all about positive changes for you and looking ahead to things that you’d like to see for yourself. If there was someone you wanted to talk to – say someone you wanted to be your mentor, or a company you wanted to work at — in October you’d find an easier influence in the stars that will help you get a “yes”. This month allow yourself to just think big; take a Saturday afternoon in a coffee shop and allow yourself to daydream, make lists and create a few meaningful connections with people you admire. Next year will be nothing like the one you’re finishing up now, and you’re going to want to be prepared for all the fun coming your way.



Mercury is all over your chart this month, securing up any loose ends in all your relationships. This month, you might find yourself in some hard-to-have conversations that will peel away the layers of some very old wounds. This is a necessary step to wrap out the year before your birthday comes, as the rest of the planets are aligning to give you a golden pathway to a bit of enlightenment before the year is out.

Removing these relationship obstacles out of the way, will also clear up room for other things — like blocked energies around money, career and maybe even a new romantic relationship. It all depends on how much work you are willing to do. Have the courage to do it all, while you can— under such positive planetary support.



With all the hard work you’ve been doing, it can be really tempting to throw in the towel and just call it quits. But we all know it’s not your style — and thank God — because this month is all about being recognized for your talent. From now til' the end of November, you’ve got a bit of luck on your side. And Jupiter will be in your chart during the middle of the month, making the vibe seem especially celebratory. If you’ve been wanting a raise, working hard on a project, or even just trying to not drop the ball, this could be your big chance.  

Just don’t forget to take care of your relationships right now, as well. This is not the time to take those who have been cheering you on for granted. Be sure to bring them into the fold to enjoy your success as a thank you.



Things are about to get busy this October! And it could even make you want to bring out those territorial claws! Whatever you do, try to keep your wits about you now, as this is not the time to focus on what anyone else is mouthing off about. They ain’t you. They can’t be you. And there’s no reason for you to deal with the drama.

Instead, just put your head down and get to work this month. Socializing isn’t really as big of a priority as you taking advantage of the planetary influences around you now that want you to start crafting a new road out to the horizon. This is a growing season for you.



Problems that were plaguing your summer and early fall should be working their way out of your life now, as the planets are very keen on seeing you be happy this month. Expect a turn in your relationships for the better, as well as your perspective on your place in this world. A bit of a fighter’s energy gets into your chart early this month thanks to Mars and Pluto, and there’s a significant chance you can win any challenge you put your mind to.

Where the past few months have been all about what other people want, this month you can afford to be a little selfish and gain back some ground you may have felt that you lost. It’s time to take what’s rightfully yours.

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Is a Writer / Emmy Nominated Art Director / Speaker. Find her @zenfulie

Is a Writer / Emmy Nominated Art Director / Speaker. Find her @zenfulie