Welcome to OCTOBER! Libra month in my heart... and just like a Libra, I'm seeking balance and organization. And I wish balance upon you as well. From mind, body and spirit— when we are off kilt we aren't our best selves. So if you find yourself in desperate need to press the reset button, to cleanse your closet and living room, to take a few boxing classes and say no to a few friends... do it. Only you can give yourself permission for these things. 

Now onto what we're focusing on this lovely new month! This October we at theGIRLMOB will be writing, talking and sharing all things MUSIC. Probably one of the most universal things to connect us to each other — we all know how vital music can be to our daily lives. 

This weekend, after a very very very busy September, I went to a party up in Washington Heights called 'Que Lo Que' which two of my lovely girlfriends. I had not danced una bachatica in a long ass time and your girl was in desperate need of listening to Antony Santos (not the Aventura one, although no disrespect to him he's still un chulo). I had never been to a 'Que Lo Que' party but had heard of from friends and the dictator of all things cool, Instagram. So I told mi amiguita Colombiana y Ecuatoriana and off we went to La Marina. 

Antony Santos 

Antony Santos 

Yes, La Marina is the same one that Fabolous shouted out in 'Cuffin Season' where he stated "You was in La Marina all summer (every Sunday) "  — on the water, up in Dyckman. And it did not disappoint! They had a live Tipico band playing the most FIYAH Dominican music in all of the land, and I felt at home. I loved every second of being spun around like a spinning fidget while sweating through every corner of my body.

In fact it felt spiritual. 

I allowed the tamboras to guide me as I asked all that had been weighing me down to make its way through the exit sign. There is so much liberation in dancing your heart out MOB. I'd like to encourage you to do this some point this October. Put on some sneakers and a comfortable pair of pants (or overalls as I did) and hit up the spot with the good music where no one is checking if you got red bottoms on. AND DANCE. Dance for your sanity and well being. Dance for your balance as you set the month on fire. 

This October, when someone fucks with your energy (or tries to anyway) remember that there's a song out there, waiting for you to play it so it can help you change your mood. Find it and don't look back.

Until next time. 

Peace & Light