We're almost closing May, and our focus on mommas (well not really, but you know what we mean). And we wanted to shine a light on some of our favorite moms in pop culture. Whether it be for their sense of humor or work ethic, all these women show us how magical moms are.

Get into it MOB! And let us know who your favorites are!

Aunt Viv - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Most Likely To: Get her point across... while simultaneously showing some youngins that she can keep up with the best of them through any choreography (see here & be blessed)

But, “Which Aunt Viv?” are we really praising here is what you might be asking; since the show switched up Vivs in the fourth season. We understand the heartbreak... but, we’re going to give love to them both since they offered something different! Granted, original Aunt Viv was a Professor of Black History and Literature (Ph.D.) and never held her tongue— the kind of role model we all need in our lives! Regardless of the switch up, we love The Fresh Prince and his amazing aunt and uncle who welcomed him into a family we all continue to admire. 

Rainbow Johnson - Black-ish

Most Likely To: Sit down with you and give you the best, most honest advice.

This one is easy. Rainbow is the coolest mom on TV. Played by one of our favorite women (HI TRACEE!), Bow is loving, attentive and stylish (we'd be all up in that closet). This past season when her relationship of 20 years was at a breaking point, we saw her character in a new light... reminding us that just because you're a mom and a wife doesn't mean your needs come last. Plus, lets not forget that she’s a super busy anesthesiologist who holds down all 5 of her kids (that's 1 -2- 3- 4- 5 humans). SALUTE!


Jessica Huang - Fresh Off The Boat

Most Likely To: Ground you for anything lower than an A-.

Jessica Huang definitely takes the cake for the “tough mom” title. She’s the type of mom who expects only the best from her 3 boys, but will also make any sacrifices to better her family. She also does a great job of portraying the struggle it might be for immigrant parents, in a comedic way which we know is the only way to survive raising kids while navigating a new culture. S/O to gangsta moms like Jessica. 


Alba Villanueva - Jane The Virgin

Most Likely To: Give you her mumbled bendición.

This sassy abuela definitely gets the best mom title x2. Not only is she a greatgrandma, but also a great abuela that keeps her family together and is basically their backbone— a reminder of how important the matriarch in a family is, especially when no men are present. She also, like many abuelas, brings that religious flair. Let us show our abuelas the love they deserve.


Gloria Pritchett - Modern Family

Most Likely To: Sound something out when she can’t think of what it is called.

Gloria plays the loud Latina momma! She loves to get her way and it's hilarious to watch her unfold her plans. She sticks to her Catholic roots and loves to keep traditions alive. Although not all Latina moms are like her, we adore Gloria because she brings a lot of personality to the family at large... in other words, she brings that Colombian sazon to a potentially bland party. 


Rebecca Pearson - This Is Us

Most Likely To: Sing you to sleep.

So we know Rebecca is not a woc, peroooo we fux with her! She does a great job at raising triplets, or “The Big 3” as they call it. She also steps up to the plate and is a great mother to Randall, whom they adopted. She does a great job of looking out for all her kids while still trying to pursue her own dreams in music, but her greatest accomplishment of all has been helping all three kids get through the very devastating death of their father. A special S/O to mothers who choose to adopt children, and who treat those kids with equal love and intent. We appreciate you.

PS- Honorable mention to Beth Pearson, who a long with Randall show us Black Love is real.


Penelope Alvarez - One Day At A Time

Most Likely To: Not lie about how hard it is to hold down a family.

Penelope is a single mom to two teens — one being a proud Lesbian feminist, the other a going-through-puberty boy. She's also a war veteran who does not hide her PTSD. She's a nurse who deals with microaggressions from her less-qualified White male co-worker.... AND a daughter to a Cuban mom who keeps her on her toes as much as her kids do. Penelope is selfless, understanding, and modern ... which is hard when you're trying to keep Cuban traditions alive— like Quinces. She's probably the most realistic interpretation of a first generation Latina mom we have on TV right now, and that deserves a standing ovation!


Queen Ramonda - Black Panther

Most Likely To: Let a Kingdom know who the real King is!

Queen Ramonda is played by Angela Bassett, AN ICON. In this film she was regal, poised and strong... despite the many setbacks laid before her children. She birthed the smartest woman the world needs, Princess Shuri, and of course T'Challa— who ain't no chump. That's what we call a bad ass Black woman. May we all tap into our inner Queen Ramonda when needed.


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Alyssa Jara 

is a TGM Contributor from Los Angeles. Find her here