It’s officially summertime! I don't know about you but the last thing I want to do is restrict all the fun I'm planning to have- just to maintain my 'summer bod'. The reality with healthy living is that we have to encourage it every single day and form small habits that help us do it forever without noticing we're doing it forever. One thing I know we partake more in during the summer days is drinking - either for fun or to stay hydrated. So choosing to cut back on something as simple as soda and replacing it with a drink like LaCroix, will make a significant difference in how your body feels. 

For me, drinking kombucha, either to start my day or to help me digest my meals, makes me feel better... even if ever so slightly. Since kombucha is fermented with living bacteria and yeast, it is a powerful probiotic (I know what you're thinking - what does that mean?). It means that it naturally helps aid digestion, stabilizes moods and assists with mental clarity (read our article on how to rid anxiety). Kombucha is also known to: boost your energy with enzymes and B vitamins, strengthen the immune system because it's rich in antioxidants, and lastly - it helps ease joint pain (after dropping it like it's hot at the rooftop party- hello!).

Did you ever imagine one small bottle could be so jam packed with so many benefits? Neither did I! Now that I have been drinking it I feel the difference in my body and understand exactly the reasons why it’s so big in the “healthy” world.


Ok! Now that you know the benefits of this drink, you might be asking - what about the taste? I got you. One of my favorite brands is Health-Ade. In the photo above you will see the 3 types of kombucha that I keep in my own fridge at home. It doesn’t have an overly vinegary taste and makes you feel like it's working wonders once you’ve finished the bottle. They’re 2 servings per bottle and it’s recommended to just drink one bottle a day. Health-Ade does have very bold and intense flavors like “Ginger Lemon” and “Cayenne Cleanse”, but if you are just easing into kombucha I would suggest the “Sweet Thorn” and “Maca Berry”. 

Now Health-Ade isn’t the only kombucha that is out there. Kevita is another amazing brand that can ease you into enjoying a bubbly probiotic drink. They have more tropical flavors with coconut water that make you feel like you’re sitting on an ocean side. Their strawberry acai coconut is a win in my book. If you’re looking for something just as strong as Health-Ade you could always try Synergy. If I want to feel that kick I pick-up their mango or guava flavor.

There's a bunch of other brands, but these are the most popular ones that you can get at most local supermarkets and health-food stores. Kombucha is easy to take on the go and just drink to maintain your daily wellness. Try it out and let us know what brand and flavor you enjoyed most! Keep your body right, keep your wellness tight! 

Ahlexandria is a TGM contributor out of Los Angeles.

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