Grab your glass and that Sutter Home or whatever brand of wine you enjoy and cue Eric Bellinger’s “mooD” because honey we are passing through summer and it’s full speed ahead!


I mean, I know I’m not the only one that feels as though summer months are all about acceleration. I’m not sure if it’s the vibrancy in the streets or the late sunsets, but I’m often inspired to elevate my hustle during this season. However, as much as I love grinding and feeling busy, for me personally--there’s a thin line between grinding my hardest and over-taxing myself… as if I’m not aware that these months are also for enjoyment.

Yes ladies, elevation works both ways, and summer is the perfect time to try your hand at going for everything and anything (or anyone). In a random conversation with one of my homegirls I confessed my fear of calling a guy I like first (I know you feel me). In a jokingly yet extremely thought- provoking response she responded with “just facetime him, girl it’s 2017!” I laughed it off and continued the convo, but her response kept replaying in my head for the remainder of the night.

While considering her words that evening, I also thought of how recently she and I have also reminded one another that we’re SIX months into the year. It might not mean a thing to you (before reading this), but it means everything to me because that’s a half-way marker! Meaning it’s time to do some inventory on 2017 ladies… and with that I raise my glass and say:


Take this moment and give yourself a RESET button, click it-- it will feel good. Stop the foolery, and give yourself the time to rework your priorities. Use this summer to grind as hard as you desire (while others might be on snooze), and pursue what brings joy to YOUR life. No matter what it may be. RESET RESET RESET! And let me be clear, you can grind and ALSO make time for that weekend in Vegas with your girls… please don’t limit your glow up capabilities. Take those risk that you’ve been fearful of, shoot purchase that passport and travel by yourself! Use this summer to get intuned with yourself, in every way possible. Unleash your hunger for adventure and THRIVE on it!

Be relentless MOB. Finding the right stride is an ongoing project. I know, this probably sounds like content more suitable for January, but I have taken this idea of having a renewal on my lease of 2017 to heart, because creating balance is a NECESSITY in my life. As a spanking brand new college grad and a new member of the professional working force - I got the grind part on lock… but I’m continuously working on my personal happy place.

Tia Mowry recently wrote a caption that read “Great things never came from comfort zones.” TALK ABOUT A WORD… I felt this truth on a spiritual level, especially in regard to my summer goals. I’ve learned  that the number one way to find your stride is to eliminate fear from your life. Give it the boot! Pursue that new position you’ve edited your resume 10 times for- don’t worry about not knowing photoshop! You can learn off of youtube! Try that new hairstyle you’ve been on the fence about for two years because you don’t want to hear people's mouths! Go enjoy yourself on a Monday night -- who cares if it’s a weekday, you are ALLOWED TO ENJOY EVERYDAY!

Let this post serve as a reminder from your girl Bri (who cares about your emotional and financial success) and wants you to take advantage of the next six months 2017 has to offer. So what are you going to do about it MOB?

As my father once told me, “fear nothing and pursue everything”, (in proper context: if you want it, go get it! The aftermath knows how to find you and trust that you’ll be better for it good or bad). GO. FOR. IT. Calculate your risk and run it up!  Flourish through the summer, allow the sun to guide you throughout the day. Let the heat cause your inspiration to burn its brightest, lean in on the season to give you the extra strength to face each risk you choose to take. No matter the fear of failure, because failure isn’t predicated on the outcome but one’s refusal to try, so allow this summer to be your season of not only beneficial risk but resilience as well!

Oh yeah, and as for the guy I liked, I did facetime him AND he answered on the third ring, fa’sho! But even if he declined the call it would still be worth the risk of rejection because my result would have been the same: I conquered a fear. Another day, another victory.

Bri'on is a TGM contributor out of Ohio.

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