At one point in college I thought I'd choose Journalism as my concentration. See, I was a Communications major and because of that I was able to take a bunch of different classes, including Journalism. And although I ended up focusing on Public Relations (btw never have I done PR in my career, skipped right into Marketing, but in the digital age we are all our own publicists are we not?) I have always had a soft spot for those who chose the path of journalistic integrity. 

We do a version of that here on TGM, except we are telling OUR personal stories, and when you're working at the NYT or the Washington Post - you better be sure about what you're saying before it goes to print. At least that's how I hope it works lol 

So this Women's Herstory Month, we'll be highlighting women in a few fields that you might not know of, but we do! In this installment we're giving a shout out to WOC who are out here putting in the work, keeping us and the masses informed and making us proud. There's a lot more to journalism than pen on paper (or fingers on keyboard!). As always, feel free to put us on with the women you know who are making waves in this or other fields.


Stacy Jones - Data Editor, Fortune Magazine.

Lilly Workneh - Sr Editor Black Voices, Huffpost.

Karen Attiah - Global Opinions Editor, WashPost. 

Niki McGloster - Co Founder of Her Sweat. 

Molly Qerim - Host of First Take, ESPN.

Josina Anderson - NFL Insider, ESPN.

Jenna Wortham - Staff Writer, NYT Magazine.

Noor Tagouri - Host of a Woman's Job, Newsy.

Jackie Fernandez - Host, WTSP - Tampa FL.

Sandra Garcia - reporter, NYMetro and NYT.

Carolina J Moreno - Editor Latino Voices, HuffPost.

Azhar Alfadl Miranda - Staff Writer, WashPost.

stay enlightened ladies!


Yari B. @theyariblanco