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We at The Girl Mob headquarters thought it would be fun to share with you our favorite finds in honor of:

National Thrift Shopping Day!

Check out how we keep it extra thrifty

outchea in these streets...


As a 90s kid, pretty much everything I thrift is of that era and look, so I love these baggy overalls especially since I only paid ONE DOLLAR for them (such a win). Lately I've been binge watching A Different World, hence the glasses being a fave of mine. And since it's been hotter than fish grease in these NY streets, this crochet top is perfect!


I think the best looks come from mixing pieces from the past and present. I thrifted the silk dandelion yellow top, cropped it and tied it up - got it for $2.99! The belt is a definite throwback to the 80s and it was my mom's. Paired those with some high-waist shorts from Marshall's and red cat eye glasses from Zara. 


I am a thrift shopping feen! Whenever I visit a new country city or town I find their thrift store(s) and cop a few things. This dress I got in Madrid, Spain in 2014 on a solo trip. I bought it for roughly $25 - and although that's more than my other thrift finds it was worth it because it fits like a glove, makes me feel sexy and the print/color is gawgeous. 


Shirt: old ass BLVCK SCVLE - ex bf's so this is marked at $0 :)
Skirt: Vintage print vibes bought on Etsy! $19.00

I know Etsy can get crowded and overwhelming but when it comes to finding something unique, I always have luck here. Oh, and eBay! (Search: 90's hip-hop. You're welcome!)


 I thrifted this jean dress that used to be somene's shirt. I got it for about $12. I love this particular piece because it's an effortless look, always. It's super comfy and great for those really hot NYC days, especially good for day parties because of the flowy and breathable material! I love how easy it is to pull together the 'black hippie' look with this dress. Just add some funky accessories and Lisa Bonet lives again! I love thrifting because I can make a lot of different pieces work for my body since I'm so short, shirts turn into dresses all the time! And this one is one of my favorite finds! 

you got a fly ass thrift piece you LUH?

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