Lawd, I am fighting a cold while on vacation. Ain’t that some bs? I am drinking an orange/ carrot/ coconut/ water/lemon/ginger/turmeric drink that was $8 and 12oz as I type this. It’s LA, while expensive — they’re all about health and healing and frankly I can use both at the moment. This serves as a reminder that when you’re stressed or going at the speed of an NYC cab — OR BOTH, your body will force you to slow down. It is also a reminder that when you travel on a plane you should wipe down your seat and probably use a face mask because the germs are real and looking to pounce. Anyway, while I don’t feel too hot, I am fortunate to at least be among palm trees and calming vibes. The glass is half full over here.

We’ve entered Virgo season and while I know that in general that means that the vibe is to get to working, one of my favorite astrologists to follow and a TGM DAY alum, Mecca, Tweeted the below:

7 planets are currently in Earth signs - Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus. Can feel both heavy and anxiety inducing (bc Virgo). Good time to work with earth, receive/give bodywork, boost skincare, lift weights, swim, eat foods w spice or hydration and do cardio (if feeling sluggish).

So there’s that. And I’m a Taurus, so you can put the pieces together. I woke up yesterday and created spreadsheet with things I need to do, the list is has 28 items at the moment. But progress is being made and truly that is all that matters, amirite? If you feel the urge to purge (that’s gotta be a tagline somewhere) then do it! Virgo is pushing us to get in formation because it’s also Beyonce’s birthday, and ya’ll know what she said (best revenge is your paper).

This month on TGM we are focusing on aging, and the beauty that comes with getting older. In a society where youthfulness is obsessed over, we urge you to walk away from jumping off the cliff that is full of botox at the bottom of the pit. Aging is a part of life and a reminder that we’re blessed with breath. It always catches me off guard when a girl friend says that her birthday is coming up and she’s scared of getting older. Meanwhile I’m looking at Jlo who just turned 50 and Tracee Ellis Ross who is 46 and going ‘Zaummm’ if done right that too can be your vibe. Now I know they have access to a lot of resources, and I am not saying they haven’t dipped their toes in the botox pool (I don’t know that to be true or false), pero — here are two things to consider. The first is that if you are trying to do the “anti-aging” thing you’re probably spending lots of $$ on treatments or lotions that claim to have been created with water from the fountain of youth. My recommendation is to relocate those funds into a healthier lifestyle. Maybe a pilates class or learning how to swim. Those things are better than pumping perfumed moisturizer into your skin. The second is that both of these women seem genuinely happy. That’s not to say they don’t cry like we do or have ‘WTF’ moments full of anxiety. It is to say that everyday they wake up and they choose projects, people, and activities that keep them excited and grateful. Seeing TER hanging by her pool with her hair all over the place brings me joy, and so does going for a walk with bae after dinner through Brooklyn. The point I am making is that there’s nothing any major company can sell us in a bottle that will turn back the hands of time and make us look 21, but taking care of your physical and mental will keep you feeling like that age.

I hope the next time you see a grey hair you leave it be, she ain’t done nothing to ya. You are beautiful just the way you are right now, in this very moment.

Now go kick Septembers ass.


Yari B.