Bull! It’s your month baby! It is a time to rejoice, it is a time to TREAT YOURSELF, we know how much you love a lux moment — as you should, Bulls work very hard. May 4th (our Founders birthday!) was the only Taurus new moon for 2019, this day created a cosmic reboot for you and your life — there’s a lot of discovery coming your way, watch out the next six months unravel and you make some serious choices. May 18th brings the Scorpio full moon, and this will be a day marking a goodbye or a new start in relationships (be it in love or in business). So much is coming your way Taurus, it will feel overwhelming but remember you’ve got a whole MOB behind you!



This month is all about … confusion. You’re going to feel both up beat and up to the challenge and also exhausted and ready for a nap. Our take? Make time for some chill at home. Let your intuition guide you on what you should say yes to, and let the cosmic winds pass so that you don’t feel all over the place.



May begs you to clock out at 5pm and say yes to that friends dinner or that networking event — even if you have to roll solo! This month is all about showing face and connecting, remember while living inside your shell is nice it can certainly get lonely, and there’s no need for that.



This month is all about innovation and longevity! You’re mind is working double time around your projects and your “lives story” so don’t be scared to put pen to paper and practice visualizing what you want to build for yourself. If you’re feeling the urgency to show the world your talents in order to build a new lane, that’s because Uranus is in Taurus until 2026.



May has your head in the clouds, which is not necessarily your natural habitat. With that said, we ask that you put time on your schedule to sit at the park, to go home and color, maybe hit up the local museum and just let yourself wonder through the halls. This will spark something big in the months to come!



You tired ain’t you? You’ve been on a social butterfly tour and this May is all about taking in a deep breath, exhaling and RELAXING. Say next time to that brunch invite and to hosting game night. Grab your journal or laptop and spend some time tidying up to do list. Also, your love life is about to turn up! Wether single or coupled up something is ah’ sizzling!



The key word for you this month is : selflessness. This ain’t about you scorpio. May tells you to reach out to your close friends and show them how much you love them. It also says, to spend some quality time with any significant others or potential baes you’ve been neglecting.



Okay sag! you’re on getting your Marie Kondo on this month! Clean it up, throw it out, donate it, check it off the list. We’re not mad at you. Anybody who lives in clutter, either physically or metaphorically can’t function at optimum speed — so we say, pick up the broom, set up that playlist and Spring clean away!



May has you in your feelings! And not in a bad way. Cap, you tend to be a little hard to read and seem to be only focused on work… but this month is all about that spark you’ve been (or are about to be) feeling. We’re actually very excited for you and the next six months. The Taurus new moon on 5/4 set you up to excel at the love and relationship thing, so allow yourself to feel and to be romanced.


May tells you to put on that sweat suit, grab the blanket and catch up on your favorite shows. We know that sounds sleepy, but it’s about to be a big summer and you gotta get your rest. This is also a good time to catch up with family and check in on the older folx in your life.



Say yes to the date! Say yes to the lunches! Say yes to the day party! May wants you to put on your favorite shoes/kicks and lipstick/chapstick and head on out the door, because this is your month to socialize and shine Pisces. Have those cards ready for the professional settings, and make your Instagram profile public. The follows and introduction emails are coming!



May 4th opened a new window of opportunity for you around your career and money. The next six months will have you busy, booked and blessed! Make sure you do your due diligence when taking on new clients, don’t be scared to ask for the money you deserve and to set realistic expectations on any work projects.