This month we have a Gemini new moon on June 3rd ! This new moon is all about having honesty with yourself when it comes to your dreams and goals. On June 17th there is a full moon in Sagittarius — look at the previous new moon under this sign to see what has come to fruition! Get your rituals on!



Don’t be needy! But if you are feeling needy, ask for what you want [ just watch how you say it so it lands well]. Also, say yes to those brunches and get your mingling on you’re about to have a lit summer!


Take a deep breath and count to 10. You’re dragging your feet on certain things and it’s time to change that mentality around. Finish that paper, pay those bills, hit that gym up. You are the master of your to do list. Also, when you’re done — treat yourself to those new kicks you’ve been eyeing.



Don’t ask questions you don’t want answers to. It is your birfffday month, we know! But the universe has some hard lessons for you to learn and you might not feel like you’re ready for them. Stand up and show up, people are watching you and how you react to difficult moments. Surprise them. But not like Kanye does us.



You’ve been putting in that work! And it is paying off, even if it feels like it’s only a drip in the faucet. As we gear up for your birthday we want you to take time out to celebrate. You deserve to relax and take inventory of all the things you’ve been carrying on your back. Also, don’t forget to tell those who love you how much you care with some outreach this month — a voice note goes a long way if calling ain’t your thing.



You’re feeling extra spicy this June. Is it cause you’re fed up with the bs? We get it. But like we told our Taurus friend, it’s time to take a beat and a deep breath [ perhaps at a yoga class? ]. The world needs more bold and brave voices like yours, so don’t be afraid to pull back a little as you gear up to step all the way up.



Annoyed is the word. You are the captain of your ship though, so make a note [literally if need be] of what is triggering you and how to course correct. On that same note, write what brings you joy and schedule time on your calendar to do just that [hello mani pedi!].



Honestly, we think you should skip the happy hour and go home to chill. You’ll be better off reading that new book, than stuck drinking a watered down margarita next to a guy who doesn’t get the hint that you’re just not that into him. Instead opt into a beach day with your favorite pals and detox to the sounds of the waves.



New start alert! Wether you just began a new job or about to say yes to that new project, we are so excited for you! Remember, best revenge is your paper! Also, watch how much you’re on social media. Time for a mental health break from those platforms.



Planning is the key to success! Where are you trying to go this summer and fall? How much money do you need to have the lux experience you want? Who can you partner with to maximize the experience? We know you’re ready to take on the world, and we’ll be watching from instagram.



Now that your savings is looking healthier, it’s time to get out and grab some sun. We think dating yourself for starters will reset a few things, so pick a day and take yourself out on the town. Be mindful of the budget though, we don’t need you to set things back. PS- we love you.



Have you been a little distant from your loved ones? Remember that family is family no matter what, so don’t be afraid to pick up that phone and or pass by your favorite aunties house. Bring some flowers or a dessert to soften the roast that might ensue after you’ve been missing in action.



Challenges they are arising, but you are also turning into the butterfly you always knew you’d become. Remember that fear is a liar and there is only trials no errors. When in doubt, talk to your closest friends or mentors for some guidance and then follow your gut.