This July while all you want is to chill by a pool, drink rum punch and read the latest TGM post, the planets will have a different plan for ya. The first eclipse happening this month will kick off a series of events that will recalibrate your life and your career through 2020 (yes, we know). We hate to tell you tensions might be high with power struggles at play, so be mindful or co-workers and your own inner Kanye. Biggest thing for you will be to take a moment, catch your feelings and figure out a way to work the situation logically.



Did somebody say PARTAY? Yes darling, it is a month for shining and for slaying. Time to mingle, reconnect with friends and you know what else? Talk to the people you don't know at your friends kick back. It seems you'll meet collaborators when you least expect it! Additionally with this eclipse on July 12th, you'll be fueled to gather folks for community service or a block party. It's truly all about your community this July. PS - folks will try to push your buttons, so be mindful to not go all gladiator on their asses.



Although you are seeking stability this July, the stars will keep throwing plot twists your way... so we say remain as flexible as a yogi. This month the focus will be on your finances (or lack there of) and your self-esteem... are you saying rude things about yourself? Or are you not feeling bold enough to ask for what you deserve? Either way, situations will force you to make choices about both your bank account and your self worth. Fights around sex, money power respect (we're not kidding) are bound to happen so work on not stepping into the landmines. 



You got the swag this month cancer! Not only is it your bday month, but the planets are in your favor. We recommend some traveling for this bday celebration! Don't be surprised if you're discovered, shine a light on those talents and let the world know you're a star baby! July 12 (eclipse day) will bring clarity on some choices you were holding off on making, this eclipse will also give your charm a super-boost. They ain't ready!



Sooo... this is gonna be what we call a "cold world" kind of month for you boo. BIG HUG. Essentially, personal relationships and work wives might misunderstand you (among other people) so you'll spend most of the month putting out fires (again, we're here for you bae). Our remedy for this? Make sure you take some me time so you don't feel like crispy toast — burnt out. Get that massage, treat yourself to that pedi and do some at home masks, permission granted!



Remember that project you started in spring and then put on ice? Well now that jupiter is no longer in retrograde mode — it's about to pick up again! So grab that friend who holds you accountable and get to working! Additionally, looks like you'll be saying yes to happy hours and weekend hangs as this month has you feeling extra chatty and amicable. 



We know it's been a bit of a drought with your money these past few months, but get ready to secure the bag! All you have to do: not overthink the opportunities that come your way. Make sure to keep those key people and mentors close by, as they'll play a key role in these blessings. July 12th (eclipse day) will bring serious luck, perhaps the bulb goes off or that person you met at a networking event taps you for your dream job. Stay focused!



July switches things into high gear from you! Which is needed, as you've had a bit of a funk for months. Adventures lay ahead, all you gotta do is say yes (like Floetry). From July 10th through November of this year, you'll Janet and reinvent yourself! This summer is yours.



This July will have you looking like a water sign or a Drake R&B song, but there's no shame in that! Allow yourself to feel, and then do the work — even if that means starting therapy or seeing an energy healer (we're fans of both!). Prepare to see yourself grow in the coming months and don't be scared of the feelings that bubble up. The universe will throw signs a long the way to properly guide you, don't ignore them.



Capi, we know you are a hard worker and must hit your personal goals, but this month will stop you in your tracks and make you clear up the calendar for your closest family and friends. Remember it takes a tribe, and that tribe also needs your love... ok? Also you're about to meet someone that will be good for business or pleasure (you'll be the judge of that), don't run away. We know you like flying solo, because you get shit done... but, having a co-pilot is also nice.



Oh the stress! Lawd. If you've been feeling like you're ready to wild'out one somebody, it's time for you to take that energy to a kick-boxing class — in other words, don't let that fester. Also, this month is crucial for you to get all things in order, clean/cleanse your crib, give/get closure from that person and square away any projects at work. Get to it!



Oooo lala! Dust off your heels and that sexy plunging neckline dress, because it's about to get hot and heavy. We're so excited for you pisces! This month kicks off some much needed fun and flirting in your life. The freedom to roam free will lead you to a summer fling (you need it!) and if you're taken, this month will get your engine going into high gear. If you're a creative who's been putting in that work, this month should bring you a much needed break, say yes to it!


image post source: sostersparrow