Taurus this month is all about finding a creative outlet that makes you feel alive. Is it redecorating your bedroom? Or perhaps it’s taking a sewing class. Whatever the thing, run towards it.

Capricorn you’re attention is needed in the personal relationships department. It’s time to meet up with your closest friends, those who support you through ups and downs and catch up. Anyone who has been making you feel unworthy or unvalued has got to get the boot. Stay strong Cap.

Virgo it has been a whirlwind and we know you need a moment to catch your breath. This August is all about rest and tapping into your spiritual needs. Grab some yoga classes, meditate on the beach or simply treat yourself to a bath with some serene sounds playing in the background. You earned this break.



Cancer if you hear the sounds of money landing in your bank account then you are spot on! This month is all about putting those ideas you’ve been jotting down into motion. We’re so excited for all you’re about to build.

Scorpio new tings been coming your way, we hope you haven’t been stubborn and allowed them to enter your orbit. This month has you extra busy as new projects come your way/take off. Say yes only to the things that make you the most excited, be careful with burning out.

Pisces if you catch yourself with the ‘spring cleaning’ bug this August don’t fret, it’s all part of the cosmic way. You are cleaning, and removing out the old. Also pay attention to your relationships with the men in your life, some might have suffered in the last few months but things they are changing! Extend that olive branch.



Gemini this month has you as a true butterfly, flying from party to party and flirting with the cuties. Last month brought some plot twists to your life, so this month is going to feel lighter. Bask in the sun.

Libra August tells you to call up all your favorite friends and have a picnic. If you have a backyard kick off an end of summer bbq party. Essentially the cosmos want you to blow off some steam and let loose.

Aquarius time to put your needs first. What is it that you need and want? Make sure you ask for just that. Additionally, while you’re not the most committed sign this month may have you considering getting boo’d up



Aries that person that caught your eye? The cosmos are giving you the green light to slide in their dms. They’re also telling you to pull up on your creativity and build something special. The world is your oyster.

Leo you’ve got the eye of the tiger (no pun intended). You’re about to go full throttle on your goals and this month is pushing you all the way to the top. Talk about a birthday gift! Stay focused and present.

Sagittarius get ready to leave your comfort zone and blow past the haters. Take those risks, leap and let the universe catch you. You have an enterprising mind and this month gives you an extra boost of confidence.