You’d think that with Mercury in retrograde for half of the month we’d all be screwed! BUT it’s actually not such a bad line up of the stars after all, with many surprises and opportunities to advance your personal agendas. However, the blessings do come with one major question: Are you finally up for the challenge of taking the next step?

Hold on to your wig ladies, read what's in store for you and hopefully we can help you decide.




What do I really want to accomplish here? Ask yourself this question relentlessly this month before you make any major commitments or challenges to the status quo. Mercury is square Saturn multiple times in April, which could bring out some of your most passionate thinking… along with a short ass temper. With Mercury in retrograde for a better part of the month, this isn’t the time to let petty exchanges or miscommunications take you off your course. Be above the bullshit — and keep your empire.



And now… we recharge and recalibrate the battery, dear Taurus. With your birthday just looming around the corner, Venus is setting you up this month to make the bigger investments in your own happiness. Perhaps scale back on the social calendar this month, or only hang out with those who understand your higher purpose to this life. Spend the extra downtime nuzzled
under the covers, or do a little early birthday shopping in Sephora if you’d like. You’ve certainly earned the break — and the rest of 2018 is going to benefit from the downtime you take now.



Get ready for a mega clarity boost! This month you’re getting a wave of energy from Mercury that’s going to catapult your creative thinking and productivity to the next level. This is the perfect time to get some of your biggest tasks done — like cleaning that closet, polishing up that resume or even taking on that bigger project at work. You now have got the wings of the universe on your back. Take advantage of the boost and fly high.



If you can find a way to sit through all the shit you don’t feel like doing this month… If you can keep your faith and know that your time is never wasted… If you can believe that there is a reward to all your hard work… Then by the end of this month, you will be very pleased with yourself. Sometimes the universe brings the most snooze worthy tasks into our life to deal with immediately. But if you can power through the confusion this April, you’re in for a lovely reward that’s worth all the hassle.



You only live once — might as well put yourself out there. All the way out there. I know I don’t have to tell you these things, since shining brightly usually comes naturally to you. But this month is less about the shine and more about the challenge. It’s time to take the steps that will align you with the future you desire. Whether it’s taking that acting class, opening up the Morocco travel savings account, or committing to that pilates membership; the time to double down on your dreams is now. Don’t talk about it — be about it.



Look who’s getting a little mushy this month! You can thank Mercury for the sudden clarity your heart feels now. This month is all about you nuzzling into the connections that satisfy you. Let them warm you and change the rigid parts of your heart to feel a sense of connection more deeply than ever before. Life gets better when you have someone by your side that you know you can love and trust freely. It’s time to practice the feeling of vulnerability again, whether it’s a friend, coworker, family or significant other. (Go on… you’ll hear will thank ya')



It is perfectly acceptable to jump over puddles in the rain. Or when you see a Beyoncé concert ticket on StubHub for under $200. It is not okay, however, to jump to conclusions without all the facts — which is a serious temptation for you this month. Surprising right? Not normally how you like to accomplish things. But with Mercury square Mars and Saturn this month, you’re likely to feels waves of frustration with communication that could trigger you to solve problems in unusual ways (for you.) Try to take a step back from the chaos when it arises. A few quick breaths should bring you back to your senses.



So when it comes to your relationships this month — you’re killing it. When it comes to work… eh… try not to let it kill you. But back to the good stuff, first. This month, you can do no wrong when it comes to networking and growing your relationships. People are going to love you — so milk it for all it’s worth. It’ll help a lot when it comes to dealing with the workplace. It’s not exactly the kind of month where you’ll feel as utilized as you’d like. But the influence of your renewed
relationships this month will serve to remind you that your time to shine is coming.



You’ve got the kind of mojo this month that could make anything happen. Whether it’s getting a salary boost, a new apartment, a stranger’s phone number or even a date with your crush — you’ve got an undeniable energy and magnetism this April that can set you up for awhile. Take full advantage of this energy; make wise choices, say thank you, and don’t build any negative karma by screwing people over. I mean it — you know God don’t like ugly! Have fun — it’s your time on the spotlight.



You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You better work bih. This is a month to keep your nose in the books and just keep grinding. If you can stick to that, the Sun will trine Saturn at the end of April with an energy that will reward you for all your hard work. Skip all brunches, pack all your lunches, and schedule your playdates for the end of the month. You won’t believe what you can accomplish with an energy like this: but you’re about to find out!



You know the best part about bruises? Eventually they heal and shortly after that, you forget you even had one to begin with. Same goes for any comments that may bruise your ego this month — whether someone takes you less seriously than you’d like, or insists you’re way off the mark. Rather than let resentment or anger build around the subject, this month your challenge is to let all negative feedback just roll off your back. You have too many things on your plate to let a comment spin you sideways for weeks. Stay positive.



Are you up for a little recognition this month? Because the stars are ready to give you all the credit you’ve been waiting for. You can expect some fun surprises and accolades this month from those whose opinions matter significantly to you. A little suggestion: get your look extra tight. Nails done. Hair done. Everything did. You don’t want to be caught looking all funky on the ‘gram or corporate website in a photo you’ll hate for years to come. Don’t let anything taint this moment for you; it’s one you deserve to remember for a lifetime.

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