For Women's History Month, we interviewed an array of women, with different backgrounds and experiences. Our purpose for this was to show you how much in common we have with our fellow women, even if we come from different neighborhoods and families. The stories might differ in journey or outcome, but the themes will always bind us together.

In this video, they talked about their relationship with their mothers, religion and themselves. Check it out...

Women who participated in this video are:

Lee Hubilla, Lissette Martinez, Tierra Beckles, Bianca Jeanty

N'Dia Dugue, Andrea Castillo, Danielle Roberson

Pei-Lan Ku, Yoz

Video shot and edited by:

Gynai Kristol, Visuals Director - theGIRLMOB

Image Post by:

Dee, Photography Director - theGIRLMOB