We are in September, the air is going to get crisper and the nights will no longer need your AC turned all the way up to HIGH (lord knows that electric bill be looking crazy). I saw a lot of people talking about they can't wait for Fall via the interwebs, which makes me laugh since those are the same people that say they can't wait for Summer. Which one is it people?! I suppose if you're from the North East you really enjoy a seasonal change. Pero, I'm just never going to be the gal that celebrates snow... at best I can handle 65 and sunny. Sigh.

me looking at people excited about 25 degree weather.

me looking at people excited about 25 degree weather.

September 22nd is the last day of Summer so we still have a month to enjoy warm weather (I am rounding up). I think most of us (or maybe just me) forgets that. Although with global warming, I truly cannot tell if seasons are a thing anymore. 

While writing this months Editors Note, I realized how much September has to offer, so I thought I'd share with you in case you are feeling ways about saying goodby to August. 

  • Beyonce's birthday — a true blessing
  • Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off on September 15th — still wonder why not just kick it off on the 1st (yes I understand that the 15th is when a lot of countries got independence, it's still odd)
  • Fashion Week in NYC — although we know the real fashion happens in the streets

Okay, that list was not as long as I expected it to be, BUT we can agree that those three things are pretty dope. Yes? Great! I'm happy you agree because those are things we'll be focusing on this month on the website! MUSIC! FASHION! LATINX PEEPS! Guepa, estamos vivos y directos!


Now for my closing thoughts that have nothing to do with the aforementioned: The universe is pushing me into new lanes and ways of thinking. Ways of seeing myself. I'm re-learning what it means to find my own joy and not put that on anyone else, especially a significant other. And as I let my spirit guides show me the way, I wanted to tell you that if you're feeling like a current is pushing you in a new direction — do not swim against it. The lesson will come back around if you don't allow yourself to learn it the first time it comes knocking at your door... and while that is not necessarily a bad thing, I would like to encourage you to tell yourself it's okay to be scared of something new. A new idea, a new perspective, a new feeling. As long as you're not harming yourself or others, exploration leads to learning and learning has never done us any bad. 

That might sound like coded generic language, but I wanted you to be able to take from it what you want and apply it to however your life is looking right now. 

That's all I got for ya'll this September. 

Sending you love + light,

Yari B.