NEW MONTH, WHO DIS? It’s 61 days to 2019. Which feels like a really long time, but we know it is not. So I truly hope you make the most of the days left in 2018. Last time I talked about struggling with my self care routine (and I am still on that train), but I also talked about baby steps… and I’m happy to share that I have finally gotten a haircut and an upgrade in color. I am also now taking vitamins. Big deal for me, and hopefully inspires you to create a small ripple for yourself.


On another note, do you know what’s coming up? THE MIDTERMS. I hope you’re as excited as we are about casting that ballot! Or that you are so sick of hearing about the midterms that you still go vote, either way works for me. 2014 had one of the lowest turnouts and it is partially the reason as to why we are in such a shit show now. So BEST BELIEVE, that this Tuesday November 6th will be so critical for what is to come… And if you’re like I don’t know who to vote for.


Check out this website, isidewith, you can click on your state, and then it will give you questions where you can choose to learn more on the issue and vote on what should be done. Once you finish it, it will give you a list of the folks in your state that you should vote for. Outside of this, I would also encourage you to still look up said candidates and make sure they align with you. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but these are the people that will represent you and pass laws that will affect you and your kids and your mom and your dad and your best friend. DO NOT vote selfishly, please know that your vote counts FOR ALL OF US.

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When you go vote, tag us on instagram or twitter and we’ll be looking to repost/retweet. Lets show up and show out MOB, they want us to stay home, and this is not a day for Netflix and chill.

This month we are also focusing on entrepreneurship! We know how many of you are out here hustling and building your own thing. I read something like 2.7 million Black women own a business and 2.4 million Latinx women do as well, WE ARE OUTCHEA. I also know how hard it is to keep something consistent and afloat while you build it, how stressful it can get and how lonely it can feel… even with a team, the responsibility only changes, it doesn’t go away.

So we hope this month you feel seen and encouraged! See below for this months mantra.


Love and Light,

Yari Blanco

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