I am 15 days late on an Editors Note... but, I had to take a little tiny pause on life and go on a vacation. I hope you don't hold that against me. See, every May I take a trip on my birthday and this year my birthday also came at a time where I had just spent months doing two jobs... while still holding down theGIRLMOB.

In other words, your girl needed a BREAK. And so I took it... without guilt. Which was extremely hard, because we hustlers have a hard time pausing all things for a little self-care. Pero, no self-care = burn out ... which is not a good look.

I spent my 32nd birthday by a pool drinking a frozen drink and minding my business. 

It was lovely.


So this May we'll be talking about mommas, we'll be talking about mental health and we'll be going hard promoting TGM DAY 2018!

MOB, you've been with us from day one, and last year, at our FIRST TGM DAY we saw you show out and show us love. I hope to see you and yours this year at the 2nd Annual TGM DAY. We even made the tickets more affordable... and no shade to the other events (because the more the better!) but we're giving you A+++ Panels and Panelists. Drinks, goodies, and most importantly a day where you're at the center of it ALL with a ticket that wont break your bank... $40.

Yes. I care about your money. Even if we don't make any.


So, cheers to us for coming back a 2nd year, and cheers to you for continuing to show up for this community. For all info on panelists and the day, click HERE.  I look forward to seeing ya'll, having a drink, sharing a laugh and kicking off Summer 2018 together. 

Love ya'll.

Peace & Light

Yari B.

Post photo credit: Camille by Lauren Loncar for Milk Makeup