And just like that we're on the third month of the year... I really hope you have had a powerful start to 2018, and that you've kept up with your goals. Remember, crawl - walk - run. Don't get caught up in instant gratification, that's how you lose sight of the bigger picture. Bueno, I'm here to talk about this months guiding (light) theme:


When we sat down to come up with what we wanted to talk about this March, we thought about Women's History Month and the many many layers women hold as individuals. Layers got us thinking about our identity, and what those are (yes, not singular— PLURAL). 

When I think about my identity, I think of being a woman, a girlfriend, a leader, a friend... those come to mind rather easily. But what about the other parts of me? The parts that say I am straight, sexual, feminine, Latina + Black, spiritual and radical. Although never hidden, those layers seem to take a little extra work on behalf of my spirit.

You're probably thinking, 'what that mean Yari?'

That's where the COMPLEX part comes in. I don't hide who I am, or what I stand for as a person. But I also know that I've had my struggles with these 'other' parts of my identity. Especially when thinking about what they mean to me, and how I want to flex and claim them. I think about my sexuality and how I view myself as a sexual being, and how at the age of 31 I'm still trying to figure out WHAT THE FUCK THAT ACTUALLY MEANS. Does it mean I need to own 4 different vibrators? Or does it mean that I'm cool with wearing a see-through shirt without a bra on? 

I know that might sound ridiculous, BUT, the point I am trying to make is that our layers, all the goodness and badness that make us who we are — are NOT easily explained, and that if you really sit and think about yourself and the pieces that make you who you are, you will see that you (just like me) are not a one-dimensional person. 


This will lead you to feel a little more empathy for your fellow woman. As she too is probably trying to make sense of her internal puzzle. See what I did there? 

Cheers to a successful March full of exploration and empathy.

Peace + Light

Yari B. 

image post credit : lauraberger.com