Happy June MOB! While the first day of Summer is not until June 21st, it is at least much more warmer and sunnier out here in NYC. I wonder where ya’ll are as you read this and how the weather is treating you. Since the last time we spoke I had shared that I was going to stop juggling 100 things at the same time, and I can say that I have slowed down… or rather my body has slowed me down. I am currently working from home with a (summer) cold, thinking about how absolutely AHMAZING TGM DAY 2019 WAS!

It takes so much time, energy, love, thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, perseverance, money, relationships, creativity and commitment to put together and execute an event with so many speakers and moving parts in just a few hours. I am so grateful for theGIRLMOB team, especially our Event Lead Britt Pham, who was with me pitching to brands while simultaneously also looking at venues for our event. This event was a reminder that this community cannot exist without the team and you — our MOB. We’ve gotten so much great feedback from attendees around the topics, conversations, food, music — VIBES! From the sponsors to the women who showed up to listen, learn and laugh together — my heart is full! The support is appreciated and I hope to see you there next year if you didn’t make it to this one.

speakers from our redefining spirituality talk!  (L-R)

speakers from our redefining spirituality talk! (L-R)

More photos and videos to come!

This June, we are focusing on all things POP CULTURE. From the music we play when we first wake up, to the things we see on theshaderoom (we’re all on that feed) — What happens in pop culture is part of our overall consciousness. That’s why this month we are both examining the good and the bad about pop culture and it’s effect on our feelings towards our selves and our communities. Kicking off this topic, we launched the 2nd Season of our podcast! So click here to listen & let us know what you think!

Have a blessed June MOB!

Peace & Light