New moon in Cancer on July 2nd! Then Venus enters Cancer on July 3rd! It’s about to be a moody, emotional ass month. So if you find yourself crying or finally telling that certain someone you love them, we wont be surprised. There’s also a full moon in Capricorn on July 16th, which could bring some serious career news, whether you are getting a promotion or you’re realizing it’s time to peace out this is the time!


Strike a balance this July air signs. For Libra this might sound easy but we know that it can also feel like you’re being indecisive. Libra, you can totally focus on that presentation for the CEO AND say yes to hitting up the rooftop bar on a summer Friday. Gemini and Aquarius it’s time to clean it up! Have you been spending too much money on eating out? Did you leave your closet in a mess? Time to get shit in order! Grab a Sunday morning and get it done!


  • Hit up Trader Joe’s and shop for lunch, save some $$

  • Say yes to a yoga class with your bestie



Fire signs will feel like they are caught in a vortex this month. Aries, you’re going to feel uncomfy and out of place, try not to dwell on that too much. Leo, you’ll feel like you’ve got one foot in front of the camera and another behind the thick curtains. And sag, you’re about to deal with some unraveling, but it’s more about you reaching a new level of badass woman and less about you hitting rock bottom.


  • Gather your girls for a photoshoot, you can play photographer and model

  • Take yourself on a date to the beach, let the ocean guide you through some breathwork

  • Take inventory of the last 6 months and pick 3 goals for the next half



Feelings on feelings on feelings. Virgo, time to throw the crazy list of must haves out the window and just say yes to your friends hooking you up, have fun! Maybe it ends in something great, maybe it’s just a story to tell. Taurus, you want some loving and attention, we feel you, be patient and for now love on yourself. Capricorn, nobody builds anything alone, we suggest you find a group to join in on and let that guard down.


  • Commit to doing affirmations before you get out of bed and reach for the phone

  • Plan one weekend getaway even if its in your city

  • Pick one of the projects you’ve put off and ask one friend for an afternoon on their calendar and for their help



This month beckons Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces to take inventory of what makes them happy and remove anything that doesn’t. It’s time for new beginnings, and we hope you’re not scared of change. From leaving unhealthy lovers/friends, to starting a new routine where you make sure to grab a bath and do a face mask every Thursday, July got you putting you first. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.


  • Finally start engaging with some therapists

  • Take inventory of your friendships

  • Commit to taking time for yourself for the next 4 weeks, schedule it!