Happy birthday Aries! We hope you’re celebrating yourself out loud. Everything you do starting now and through the next six months will bring some serious changes in your life. Mark your calendar for Oct 13th and take inventory of all the things that you’ve accomplished, and blessings that came your way. This does not mean to add more to your plate, just let what you’ve been planting unfold. Big things coming!



March 6 was a really big day for you in the cosmos, as this is when Uranus entered your sign and will be there for the next 7 years! Your ideas will be manifesting and your personal revolution is happening. But having that battery pack on your back has you a little disconnected from your body this month. Which means it’s important for you to slow down and allow yourself the space to rest and reconnect with self. The next 6 months have you taking a deep dive into self-reflection and a spiritual reawakening. Don’t be scared, step into faith and walk in power Taurus.



This month has you kissing babies and dapping up strangers, aka you will be very popular. Use this magic to scope out people you want to collaborate and build with. This is the moment to talk to potential partners or investors and manifest the type of team that you want to work with. Say yes to meet ups and summits, and don’t forget your business cards!



We want you to win cancer, and so do the stars! We see the vision, you see the vision, the world will also soon see the vision. But before that can happen, this is the time to put “pen to paper” and create a strategy. That doesn’t sound like fun, but we promise it will make the path less rough to follow. Creating a plan will help you stay focused and boost you up if you ever feel like stopping. We’re excited for you!



The signs! You asked and the cosmos are delivering. This month brings you new friends and new places to explore. SAY YES! This will lead to an aha! moment and an opportunity to pursue a true passion… the question is, will you create the opportunity or will someone you give a chance to put it in front of you? With a few planets in retrograde through the summer, be mindful of old exes trying to get back into the rotation.



This month has you with the blinders on, which is not a bad thing. Time to buckle down and focus on a project that has been on your plate for some time, you are ready to execute Virgo — just decline those invitations to afterwork happy hours and weekend day parties. Work hard now to play harder later. The only other thing on your to-do list should be giving your bae some much needed TLC.



This month is asking you to spend time with your loved ones. Visit grandma, check in on your strong friend, host game night — let your favorites know that you see and support them! it also has you solidifying relationships in business that will manifest a big project later this year… don’t be scared to pull out 21 questions and get to know the person behind the brand.



Scorpio baby, lots happening for you this month. First up, behind every woman there’s a group of other women cheering her on. Do you have a group behind you or are you attempting to role solo? Having support is very important, don’t push your friends away. Second, we see you feeling that spring in your heels (see what we did there?) — hop on groupon and find yourself a wellness class that will get your body moving. We hear the Beyonce dance class is very fun.



Oh snap! Is that Sag making her way to the middle of the dance floor? Why yes, yes it is. This month is begging you to pause on work and take some time to let loose and have fun. Tell your girls you’re down for that weekend getaway. Ask that guy out and flirt your way through a night. Verdict: Let yourself indulge.



What a month for you Cap. You’re feeling ALL OF THE FEELINGS. But this is absolutely necessary for your growth. With suggest spending some time at home as you shed some layers and remove some things that have been blocking your spirit. Whether you pray or journal while lighting a candle, just know we got your back no matter how intense it gets.




We see that genius idea you’ve got and we cant wait to see you bring it to life! This month has you reaching out to your network to get the ball rolling. Don’t be scared to ask your local coffee shop to let you host a weekly open mic night, or kick start your online custom nail-art business. The work you put in now will see major wins in the next 6 months. Get it Aquarius!


After a hectic March, this month positions you to slow it down. That doesn’t mean be lazy, it just means that you don’t need to rush through your to do list. We know you have things to do and money to make, but your mind and spirit are in need of a ‘slow and steady’ routine for the next few weeks. Be sure to connect with mentors and talk about your big goals for 2019, the wisdom bestowed upon you will be remarkable.