It’s finally SPRING! This is the start to warmer weather, shinier days, and as the saying goes- cleaning. Some of us hate it while some of us love it. At the end of the day, it has to be done. What’s most important though is how it’s done. The products you use to cleanse are everything, especially when it comes to our bodies.

In a society where a lot of what we put on or in our bodies is made with harsh chemicals and ingredients that do more harm than good, it’s literally life-saving to incorporate naturally-made products into our routines. Nothing says self-love like paying attention to what we use for our bodies.

In Connecticut, there’s been a rise in WOC-owned shops that have been the plug to locals’ wants and needs. The Weekend on Web (W.O.W.) Office, founded by Afro-Latina Porsha Thelusma, is an office that focuses on community healing and stands behind that through featuring organic products in their shop.

Owner of Rose & Ritual at Bohemian Tag Sale   Image Source

Owner of Rose & Ritual at Bohemian Tag Sale

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The W.O.W. Office hosts events where different goods, like skin-care items, are showcased for people to be aware of and try out. One of the skincare brands is called Incann, which uses CBD as a staple ingredient. One of the most popular items is their “Bio Cool” lotion which is a pain reliever and muscle relaxer. It is rich in omega and full-spectrum hemp extract. It has an icy hot sensation, just like what you would buy at the drugstore, but without all the mysterious ingredients that no one or their mama knows where they came from.

Another brand that’s affiliated with the W.O.W Office is Rose and Ritual which caters to body agency through herbalism. One of their teas, “Deep Sleep Herbal Bath Tea,” aids in relaxation and de-stressing. It is mixed with chamomile and lavender to relieve inflammation, repair skin, and relieve emotional trauma. In the midst of our busy, hectic, and anxiety-inducing schedules, who wouldn’t want to try that? They also allow customers an option to create their very own concoction for whatever their needs or wants are. This is critical considering we are all different and no product, besides water, is a one-size-fits-all situation.

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Sage, perennial leaves and Palo Santo, a type of wood, are materials that are burnt and aid in removing negative energy from the room. Thelusma said it “helps visualize the removing of energy which really does the trick.” She interchanges between those and smudge sticks, which are sticks of herbs and other ingredients that are burned. “It does something for me physically to be able to choose between the options,” Porsha said. “Pick it up, light it, wand myself, pray, put it really becomes a routine!” Just like her, you can easily pick up sage or smudge sticks at the W.O.W. shop online or a local shop near you that are affordable and help you calm down and collect yourself.

There are so many options and places where you can go and find products with harmless ingredients. Nowadays there is no excuse to let yourself succumb to the heartless trap of these big companies that care more about the money than the consumers. We should all do ourselves a favor and check out these lovely brands and continuously do research. Corruption is real, but so are we, and we need to fight back the self-love way.

Backyard Healing Festival 2018   Image Source

Backyard Healing Festival 2018

Image Source

If you guys are interested in the W.O.W. Office be sure to follow them on IG @thewowoffice where you will find upcoming events, their contact info,  IG handles of the brands they work with, and updates on their next Backyard Healing Festival, where people like Emilia Ortiz (@ethereal.1) have been before!

Gabrielle Ferrell

is a TGM contributor from Manchester, CT who loves to connect with new people, eat food, and thrive in warm weather. You can follow her here!