Cuffing season has officially begun as we entered Libra season on September 23rd and a new moon in Libra on September 28th! If you feel like you are suddenly seeing your world through rose tinted glasses, can’t get your mind off your crush or ex (don’t unblock them just yet!), or you are in the mood for creative collaboration, you can blame this Venus ruled sign who’s all about romantic and business partnerships. 

Libra rules law and justice aspects of our lives. You may begin to see an external balancing act happening in your life as we begin to close out the year. Karmic ties and relationships will begin to clear, making room for the upcoming Winter Solstice that will usher in new beginnings for us all. Libras seek out the truth and fairness in our world, get ready to see the scales of power balance within your life especially when it comes to business or legal matters.

Networking is highly suggested during Libra season! This social air sign is known for their wit, approachability, and impressive wardrobe. Channeling Libra’s charming social skills will help broaden your social and business circle. You may feel that others are drawn to you naturally and are more willing to support and provide resources for you. Take advantage of your social butterfly energy to promote your projects, work, and yourself! Place yourself in the spaces that will help push you into the next level of growth and expansion. 

During this harmonious time of the year, we will be having an Aries Full Moon taking place this month on October 13th. Aries is all about the self preservation and self promotion, being confident in what you bring to the table, professionally and personally. Aries reminds us of the importance of our individuality and our individual goals, outside of others and their perspectives. You can use this Aries and Libra aspect to work on finding the balance between self love and selflessness within your interpersonal and business relationships. Remember that all the partnerships in your life are reflections of your relationship with your own self! As the Great RuPaul has taught us: “If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

Break open your journals and ask yourself the following reflection questions during this Libra Season. Work on beginning the process of healing what comes up so that it can be released on October 13th with our Full Moon In Aries:

  • What are some limited belief systems I have around relationships? Platonic, romantic, and business wise?

  • Where did I learn these belief systems? Where are they rooted from?

  • Do these belief systems about connections hurt me or support me? What do I need to hold on to and what do I need to let go of?

  • What are some new ideals I would like to instill within myself about relationships and partnerships?

  • What are some ways I can show myself the love that I deserve?

Mantras for each sign for Libra Season and the Aries Full Moon:



I affirm that showing my love and care unconditionally for others will not diminish the love I have for myself.  Holding space for those I love is a reflection of how effectively I can hold space for my own emotions.



I allow myself to experience love as a concept and not as something that needs to be tangibly before me.  Love does not need to be physically seen in order to be felt, and can show up in many different ways.



I embrace the softness that Libra season brings to my communication. There is beauty in uplifting others and using gentle discernment to communicate my needs.



I will experience the lightness and joy that comes with feeling connections, fully present. There is peace in feeling the highs of love as they are happening, without having to predict the outcome.


leo .gif

I give myself permission to show my self love and confidence externally without shaming how I feel. I love myself just as I live, with boldness and lots of passion.



I release control around my relationships and partnerships. I give them space to breathe and become what they are meant to be, like a growing flower.


libra 2.gif

I fully accept my compassionate and positive nature and do not allow the world’s negativity to taint my views. I value the importance of balancing my own needs and others’.



I open to the possibilities that my connections have to offer me. Being vulnerable and open with myself, allows me to be vulnerable and open with others.


I expand my definition of love. I learn how my network forms love in many different ways and I appreciate how it appears within my life.



I am learning what true understanding means to me in my connections. I respect the boundaries that I set with myself and others in order to receive the quality of love I require.



I challenge and experiment with my partnership ideologies. Just because someone has a different love language than me does not mean it is necessarily wrong.



I accept my softness and vulnerability within my connections and partnerships. There is no reason to be fearful of my sensitivity if it is my strength.    

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Ellen Bowles

is a TGM Contributor from Los Angeles who you can find researching about witchcraft and astrology, creating goddess themed artwork, and co-hosting her spirituality podcast! You can find her here and hear more of her astrology and spirituality knowledge on The Woke Mystix.