When we (TGM team) started to talk about 2018 one of the things that came up was how every January there is this pressure to be "new". I'm sure you've heard the phrase "new year, new me!" or you've said that yourself in conversation. But in all honesty, when has that ever actually been true? And more importantly, why do we put that amount of pressure on ourselves? 

Yes, a new year always brings an air of hope and opportunity... but so should every day we get to be alive. Each day presents an opportunity to better your attitude, your wellness routine, your level of knowledge, your bank account... your relationships with others and with yourself. However, that "new year new me" mentality makes it seem like all those changes you want to make happen in your life must be IMMEDIATE — and that's where the pressure comes in. We already live in a world full of daily obstacles, and I'd like to encourage you to step away from that phrase. I want you to adapt this one instead: NEW YEAR, NO PRESSURE. 

Set realistic goals for yourself (and please know that I'm not saying you shouldn't shoot for the planets, because you definitely should!)— if you know your schedule is bonkers (like mine is right now) and want to try to eat healthier/more organic, then find an organic market that is convenient (or not super far from your crib). The likelihood that you can make it in at least once a week is much higher that way. One thing I'm learning now as I get into year 32 of my life, is that wanting convenience does not mean that you're lazy. It means you got 15 things on your to do list and are REALISTIC about life. You CAN do it all MOB, just not at the same damn time. 

So! In the spirit of this new motto and of hitting at least ONE big goal this year, some of the team wanted to share a goal of theres with you. In case you needed a little inspiration! 


One big goal I have for myself for 2018 is to get work as a set decorator and get into the union. I have always wanted to work in film and television designing sets... I was able to intern for a bit a few years ago doing exactly that and loved it! Of course time and grinding to get a paying job deterred me from pursuing this full time, but more and more lately I have been craving to really pursue this. I’ve already reached out to a few people down here, fingers crossed that these future meetings will materialize into something fruitful. 


My big goal for 2018 is to take my voice over career serious by investing in it. It’s been a dream of mine to hear my voice and be able to express my personality on the radio or TV. I was scared to invest my money into it thinking I’d get ripped off paying for a bunch of voice over classes or I’d tell myself I wouldn’t be good enough because my Spanish accent sometimes comes out when I speak English.  This year I've decided to kick fear in the face and not let it control my life decisions by doing whatever it is I am afraid to do and just do my best.


For 2018, my goal is to get closer with God. 2017 taught me so much about myself, and I was exposed to my first taste of life outside of my comfort zone. Without my initial security blanket from being in my family home and exploring the world on my own - I had to find something that in which I could have refuge. God did that for me. It was God that opened up doors, homes and hearts for me. God was the one who answered those prayers for me late at night with a tear streamed face when I had a grain of faith. Going through some of the most stringent times and coming out of them was only possible because of God’s covering and blessing over my life. I get passionate when I talk about it because it means so much to me & it may make others uncomfortable but it’s the only way I foresee positivity. Gracias a Dios! Those generational prayers of anointing are STILL covering me. I feel that it’s only right that I further develop that connection because through God is where I can find anything else that I’m seeking.


A big goal for 2018 is to create more moments for WOC to interact and collaborate, especially through theGIRLMOB. Last year was a big year for us in terms of the things we did, and I hope we can continue to do good work in our communities. A personal goal though, is that I have neglected my wellness and really miss sweating! I'd love to take a dance class and get back to moving my body. So much time is spent sitting on the computer and is no bueno.


My #1 goal for 2018 is to trust in the Universe. 

I got some really great news recently in the form of a job offer and it is granting me financial independence, great professional experience with a company that I truly adore and this job is basically a ‘You don’t have to struggle anymore’ sign from the Universe and I feel like I got it because I Manifested this opportunity into my life. I made my 1st vision board this year and I did it with the clear intentions of what I want for myself and for the 1st time ever - I focused on my finances instead of the inner work that I so Love to do. But here’s the thing - any sort of planning ahead is inner-work! It’s saying ‘I value myself enough to plan ahead and work hard for what I want and need’. I'm seeing things come into fruition within a month of making this vision board. I truly believe it is aiding me in accomplishing my goals so I’m going to trust it. My #1 goal is to trust in the Universe and to truly respect Divine Timing and honor my spirit guides and angels by worrying less and saying ‘thank you’ more often. It’s so easy to become a slave to routine and a worrisome person, especially as a young millennial of color but here I am, worry-free for the 1st time in my life because I decided to claim what’s mine and to trust that the Universe would deliver. In 2018 I am peaceful and thankful for every opportunity that comes my way because I trust that everything is in its right place.

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