Wassup MOB,

I'm so proud of theGIRLMOB and it's readers. We had such a wonderful 2nd Annual TGM DAY this year, and it left me at a loss for words. When you have an idea, and you start to let it guide you and you allow yourself to invest in it... you never actually know if it's going to be successful. And although success is relative, we all know that the risk of failing often times stops us from pushing forward. I'm so appreciative of the love and respect our readers and followers have given us.

Thank you.


This June we're shining a rainbow on our bomb ass LGBTQIA+ community! We're still learning about the spectrum that is gender and sexuality, but we're happy to be allies in the fight that is equality for all folks... because after all, love is love and your personal vibes are just that... Personal! For anyone out there who is scared to come out I pray that you move past that voice of fear and get to live your authentic life. Whenever I hear someone saying something hateful about Queer folks, and it is usually based on extreme religious beliefs, I can't help but feel sorry for them. It's sad that so many people lose out on valuable relationships with their kids, friends, and neighbors out of not understanding that someone's sexual orientation or gender expression HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. It especially bothers me when this is carried out by a person who is part of another marginalized community. That just seems outlandish to me! We have enough systems working against us to also be working against each other.


Anywho, I'll pause here, and get back to happier notes and more pleasant sounds though.

You'll see us highlighting Queer Women on social media, our thoughts on FX's new show Pose, and what it's like to date while Queer (just to name a few!). We'll also be at NYC's PRIDE parade! Our Director of Photography Dee will be capturing the joy!

Additionally, we're kicking off our new partnership with Hella Pinay! Our Filipina sisters from another ___ are joining forces with us! You'll see us featuring their content on a monthly basis which will give you more insights into this rich community of women:

Untitled design (1).png
At Hella Pinay, we seek to create a space for positive representation of the diversity and complexity of Filipina womxn, and facilitate dialogue between Pinays in the Philippines and throughout the diaspora. Frustrated by the lack of representation of Filipinas in mainstream media, Hella Pinay was created as a platform for us to tell our own stories; a space for conversations on identity, decolonization, spirituality, creativity, and celebration of dope Pinay sh*t. 

All in all, June is looking pretty colorful and swaggy and that's all one can really ask for! As always, hit me on twitter or the gram and let me know your feels! 

Wishing you a month full of triumphs and flirty interactions.


Yari B.