name: Farah Pink

occupation: event planning

age you feel: the age i am- which is 27!


GGNYC: tell us about brunch bounce & the greatest day ever, and your involvement with both

FP: brunch bounce is a day party, it's a dj collective - i handle logistics, budgets, location scouting and anything else Irv (@thisisIRV) needs. i'm his right hand (wo)man.


GGNYC: what do you love most about these two movements?

FP: i love that i've seen brunch bounce grow from this party on dyckman (washington heights, ny) to hosting it in miami. and then last year (in 2014) we created the greatest day ever which is a day festival in brooklyn. i love that it's about community, these are kids that are from your local neighborhood-- your local dj & promoter-- and to see it grow and become a part of other movements like mad decent block party and mysteryland, that's really exciting!

GGNYC: we are fans!! what other cities will you bring the bounce to?

FP: the dream is los angeles... but we want to take it to dc & chicago as well.


GGNYC: describe your style in three words

FP: it really depends on my mood... i can be the biggest tom boy today & tomorrow i'll be the biggest girl in the world with all the jewelry to match. 

GGNYC: theres a fire in your apt and you can only save three things in your closet, what are they?

FP: my nikes - any one of them! a big mens sweater and some leggings, i might as well be comfy!

GGNYC: less or more when it comes to your style?

FP: less... actually more! {laughs} and then if it becomes too much i can just take stuff off.

GGNYC: see that's a good strategy! what do you wear when you want to feel powerful or badass?

FP: some ripped denim, a mens t-shirt, biker boots and red lipstick! always! even if i'm feeling ugly, i know that with red lipstick it's going to be a good day.

GGNYC: which celebs closet would you raid in one hour?

FP: rihanna's! she is so badass, she can wear a freakin' quilt & make it look cool.


GGNYC: what are the top 5 apps on your phone? 

FP: twitter, instagram, the weather channel, snap chat and videoshop.

GGNYC: when was the last time you felt sexy?

FP: anytime i can be bare faced with my crazy hair wearing shorts in my apartment i feel good.

GGNYC: what's your kind of love?

FP: honest... selfless... more like a friendship, my boyfriend is my friend and to me that's real love.

GGNYC: what makes farah happy?

FP: being alone sometimes... i know that's weird, but i love peace and quiet and going for a walk in the park. its nice to have friends and being in a relationship, but if you can't be by yourself... you're stuck with you! so you have to learn to be with yourself. i take myself on dates and that stuff keeps you sane.

GGNYC: finish this sentence "my girlfriends are___"

FP: my sisters

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