Francheska Medina first popped up on my radar when a good friend sent me the very first episode of the weekly podcast, The Friend Zone, which she produces and hosts alongside Dustin Ross and Assante Smith. After listening, I found her brand, Hey Fran Hey, online and was an instant fan.

Before the recent boom of wellness on social media, I would scour the internet for DIY recipes and wellness tips. I found some great blogs but never curated by someone I felt I could relate to until Hey Fran Hey. Her Youtube videos consolidated so much of what I was curious about in one space, presented by someone that I felt was a friend.

A year after that first episode, I was lucky enough to bring The Friend Zone and their network, Loudspeakers Network to AFROPUNK Fest Brooklyn. When I met finally her I was so happy to find she is even more radiant in person. In the digital space, it’s tough to know what’s real but Fran’s genuine spirit breaks through all the noise.

I’m grateful to have gotten to know Fran over the years through attending the Wellness Tour and Activation Tour she created with Maryam Hasnaa and Yeradmi. We’ve grown as friends over the years and I was so happy she agreed to let me capture a conversation about God, entrepreneurship, music and more. Hope you enjoy getting to know the ever evolving Hey Fran Hey a little bit more.

TGM: Have you always had a strong connection with spirituality & God, or is this something that has come to you later in life?

Fran: I’ve always navigated the world through my senses. Trusting that intuition, especially when it may challenge the status quo, has been the real spiritual journey for me.  God has always been the guiding force within that trust - in love, friendships, business decisions and everything in between. What did shift, later in life, was the ability to give those experiences language. Application. I’m blessed to be surrounded by brilliant practitioners, creators, poets, philosophers, etc, who affirm and challenge what I believe to be true.

TGM: How would you describe God today?

Fran: The only word that comes to mind is Love. An unconditional support system. This infinite ecosystem providing everything I need, at every turn, even if I may not perceive it as such at the time. When I make “mistakes”, find myself resisting necessary change, or am just tired of humaning -  I envision God laughing. Loudly! Just cracking up at how seriously I’m taking myself. It’s not fear based, for me. It’s not shame inducing. It’s a hearty belly laugh of a God who knows I’m out here gathering what I came to gather, and trying my best to make it all make sense.

TGM: I like the view God as love as well. I grew up super Christian and had a lot of images and baggage around God before coming to understand God as love.

Fran: I have a lot of peers and family that I notice will stop themselves from experiencing things they are genuinely curious about, in fear of how God would respond. Things like yoga, sexual practices and identities, even certain books. In my opinion, God wants you to experience all of it. Even my wrong turns have worked out to my advantage because then I know what's not for me.

TGM: What is one spiritual practice you wish everyone would adopt?

Fran: Solitude is so refreshing. Families, responsibilities and our attachments to our phones can make it difficult to take time to ourselves but it’s so valuable. Anytime I start feeling anxious, it’s because I’m way too deeply entangled with what’s going on around me and can’t decipher what feelings are mine. Silence has helped me see a differing perspective with more clarity, has helped me calm down before sending an emotionally charged paragraph text, or cursing an executive out via email. A loyal friend. And everyone has access to it as a practice.

TGM: As someone that has carved their own unique path, what advice can you give women that are looking to create their own lane?

Fran: I had to stop being that annoying entrepreneur that was always like, “Quit your job and follow your dreams!” because bills are a very real thing. We are in this physical realm and there are things you have to do to sustain yourself. For me, the nine to five life did not feel good. I couldn’t be myself and was always looking for a way out. But, like most of us, I was scared of the unknown and refused to quit. So I subconsciously self-sabotaged and got fired. Lol. Worst day of my life (cause I was so embarrassed walking through the building with my little box) that turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to me. Luckily, I had saved a ton of money from that job and used that to fuel my dream career. I now had the opportunity to fill my day with things I genuinely enjoyed doing. Because of that, my body carried less stress. I was sleeping better. Eating better. More social and pleasant. And stepping into the day with that clear, best self, I slowly aligned with more and more of what was meant for me. The rest is history. It’s good to be open, playful. There may be parts of your personality that you may not know exist and it often takes certain experiences to bring them all out. I never thought that I would be doing public speaking, touring with a comedy podcast or hosting wellness retreats in Sedona. I’ve opened up to so many versions of myself. I’ve been capitalist corporate, righteous non-profit, the dancer, the singer-songwriter, the fitness girl on IG, the hippie DIY girl on YouTube. What’s next? I have so many more chapters to play with.

TGM: You mentioned music was your first avenue of play after leaving the nine to five. Now that your career looks so different, how does music still play a role in your life today?

Fran: It’s my first love. My first language. My favorite form of meditation. Anytime I feel down, I’ll notice my body start to sing to aid in healing me. I’m not currently pursuing it as a career, but it will always be my favorite gift.

TGM: I love it that you talk a lot about your ecosystem and are always shouting out your ecosystem. Why is this something that is so important to you?

Fran: I’ve always been a lone wolf. I held on to this belief that I had to do everything myself or it wasn’t going to get done with as much care, love and attention to detail. I had been disappointed by the expectations I had for people so I created that belief system to protect myself from being hurt again. The usual story. And it worked really really well, for a long time. Until it didn’t. You can get but so far on  your own.

Looking at my tour, I couldn’t have done that alone. I have the wonderful ability to bring large groups of people together and create a container where they can be themselves.  Then my friends, who are practitioners, stepped into the container to work their magic. It wouldn’t have worked without all of those moving parts. Without all of our gifts dancing so well together.

TGM: What advice would you have for someone that is craving that ecosystem but still feels alone?

Fran: Honestly, what really helped me was working on the belief systems that made me so fearful of people. People feel lonely, but it may have way more to do with the way they perceive themselves and the world around them. I had to shift my focus to the barriers I created. Keeping hurt out wasn’t letting anything sweet in. So stifling for my heart. It’s not so much about trying to find them as it is watching them come to you once you’ve cleared your blocks.

TGM: What inspires you currently?

Fran: Me! I’m having so much fun with this version of myself. I was looking at myself in the mirror  the other day and got a little flash of my face as a little kid. It was a sweet reminder of all the people, places, loves, challenges, jobs, schools, cities, friends, stories that make up the recipe of Fran. What a ride!

TGM: What can you share about the future of Hey Fran Hey Enterprises?

Fran: I can never answer this because it changes so much from day to day. The only thing I can hope is that I continue to stay authentic, regardless of what’s expected of me. Everything I’ve become is because I’ve opened myself up to every possibility. I never want to overplan or overthink my life again.

For more words of wisdom from Fran, make sure to listen to The Friend Zone every week, which can be found on Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music. You can also connect with Fran on her Instagram and Twitter, where she often to engages with all the love from her followers.

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