name: Danielle Cheesman

occupation: music journalist

age you feel: 28, right where i'm supposed to be


GGNYC: tell us a bit about your career, how you got into what you do now in music

DC: i started my career as an intern at giant magazine & i realized that a lot of the stuff i liked writing about revolved around music. so i made my writing niche music & entertainment. i mostly cover shows, albums & interview artists. i've written for diddy's revolt tv, rap-up and jay z's life + times.

GGNYC: dopeness! now tell us a little about this exciting project you're working on with your girl 

DC: my friend lena and i are launching a live streaming concert series called Earmarked. we are aiming to do it on periscope. the goal is to find unsigned/unknown talent here in LA & have them do a mini-acoustic concert series that people can watch on their phone. the artist would do covers, original songs & a short interview at the end of the performance. so be on the lookout for that!

GGNYC: sounds amazing! where would you like Earmarked to be five years from now?

DC: ideally in a couple of years Earmarked will be present in multiple cities & i'll turn my passion for music journalism into into a label that i've founded.


GGNYC: we dig it! lets move on to your style! there's a fire in your apartment & you can only save three items, what do you grab?

DC: clothing & accessories?! ok ok ... no underwear because who cares about that! i'd say my floral low-top vans, my black american apparel leotard and something printed... a busy messy pant!

GGNYC: your top three places to shop are....

DC: asos, urban outfitters surplus and this small boutique back home in new jersey called na & blue. i was obsessed with that boutique, most of my closet is from there. i miss it now!

GGNYC: aww lets hug about it! but before we do, which celebs closet would you raid for one hour?

DC: solange, zendaya & zoe kravitz


GGNYC: what is your favorite song to be seduced to?!

DC: {laughs} ummm anything by banks... that entire album actually.

GGNYC: name the five apps you use the most on your phone

DC: spotify, vsco, bandsintown, breath, and nike's ntc -- ntc is life!

GGNYC: GirlGangNYC is giving you the badassbabe award, what's your theme song as you walk up to the podium

DC: kanye's all of the lights or drake trophies... but only the instrumentals!

GGNYC: noted! alright, hollywood called & they're making a movie about your life. who do you cast for your role & what's the films genre?

DC: definitely zoe kravitz...  i'm clearly wearing my heart on my sleeve with her now {zoe if you're reading this, call me!}... and it would be a dark comedy. dramedy! 


GGNYC: love! ok, finish this sentence: "when i was a kid ______"

DC: when i was a kid i felt like i was being raised in two different worlds because i was biracial. but in a good way! my father raised me on jazz, motown and soul. and my mother raised me on old rock and salsa. i remember thinking how lucky i was to be having those dual experiences.

GGNYC: you find a time machine, where do you go & why?

DC:  i'd go back to high school, to my junior year. i was very shy, i'd re-do it and join some clubs. be more social!

GGNYC: what makes you feel vulnerable?

DC: when people vaguely ask me to tell them about me... i'm like: which parts!? and hope it's nothing i want to talk about {laughs}. 

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