name: george myrie

occupation: operations manager/ photographer/writer

age you feel: i feel my age, which is 36


GGNYC: first lets talk about being an operations manager

GM: i'm in the legal field, and i'm pretty much an adult babysitter. you're hired to manage a staff and make sure they do what they're supposed to do. a lot of people can't follow directions, and that's where i step in. my job is really about instructing people

GGNYC: what about photography

GM: photography is my passion, if i could get paid for doing it full-time that's what i would do. it doesn't pay all the bills but it pays a lot! {laughs}... photography affords me to get what i want, not what i need

GGNYC: for how long have you been doing photography and what kind do you like to do

GM: i've been doing it for seven years... what pays me the most is wedding photography, but what i love to do are candid street shots of individuals interacting with one another. i love catching intimate moments... i shot this couple on a bench in union square, they were hugged up and he was whispering in her ear--- that's one of my favorite photos

GGNYC: we see you also have a website where you tend to discuss relationships in a smart/funny way, tell us more about that

GM: so basically i talk to a bunch of people to get their perspective on things that i think about ... i'll pose a topic to friends and see how they respond. most time women have a different perspective than men. most men, we are pretty straight forward we think one thing and that's it. women on the other hand... there's emotions involved a long with analyzations  

GGNYC: what's one of the most controversial topics you've discussed

GM: are women crazy {laughs}... i mean there's a balance right? women are crazy and men are stupid. for example: men will cheat and do something stupid which will in turn get them caught up. women on the other hand, if they cheat they are very upfront about it--- they'll be like "hey i'm in a relationship so we are only gonna go this far" --- a guy on the other hand wouldn't do that. because he's not going to take a chance on losing an opportunity with a potential woman by telling her he has a girlfriend. 

GGNYC: ok... but how does that tie into women being crazy?

GM: alright, let's say you're with a guy and he's not cheating but his patterns change and you notice this. most women would assume the worse. and because they start speculating they'll go do something crazy

GGNYC: sounds like men are fault then... we need a round table on this


GGNYC: tell us about your first kiss

GM: i was in my cousins apartment in the projects and he forced me to do it! i was like eight years old he was like 14 ... it was with the little girl next door. ironically enough she was my first... {laughs}

GGNYC: women don't understand why men do certain things... what advice would you give your 24 year old daughter

GM: i can't say don't trust men, because there are some trustworthy men. i can't say all men cheat because i've never cheated. i'd tell her: don't believe the stereotypes. when you hear something negative about a man don't put that on all the men out there

GGNYC: finish this sentence: the last time you were crazy about a girl was because she ____

GM: was smart

GGNYC: your boys are roasting you on your birthday, what are some of the topics that come up

GM: i'm too picky, i need to get a girl, i'm getting old, when will i have some kids

GGNYC: what's a website that you look at that no one would think you did

GM: sneakerfreaker

GGNYC: there's a fire in your apartment and you could only save three items from your closet, what are they

GM: they wouldn't be in my closet... they'd be my watches, i'd take the whole case and go!

GGNYC: where do you do your most shopping

GM: bloomingdales--- they have the best sales, century 21 and urban outfitters

GGNYC: what's a brand you'd love to shoot for

GM: GQ magazine... i'd actually like to write for them as well


GGNYC: tell us about your first heartbreak

GM: it was this girl... i was like 10. i was in love with her. she lived around the corner from me. i wrote her a note, the one's that people would write "do you like me--- check one of these boxes." but i put a dollar in there, and i got a yes {laughs}... she had a teenage boyfriend, when he found out he almost killed me!

GGNYC: oh boy! now tell us about the first time you broke a girls heart... 

GM: i don't think i've ever broken a girls heart to be honest. in all my relationships i've never been the one to break things off... so i could easily date any of my exes because they know it wasn't me and they know i'm a good guy

GGNYC: tell us one of your favorite memories as a child 

GM: so the night before xmas, you're supposed to be sleeping... but my sisters and i would be up until 4 am. we'd be pushing each other around and they'd say "georgy go ask mommy if we could open up our gifts" because i was the "favorite" {laughs}; so i'd go into her room and ask if we could and she would be so tired from cooking till' 1 am that she would just say go ahead. this would happen every year

GGNYC: when was the last time you had a good cry and what was it about

GM: a few years ago when my grandmother passed away, i was close to her

GGNYC: what makes you feel vulnerable

GM: trusting someone... when you put trust in someone you're allowing them to have full control... if i like you, and trust you--- i just don't want to be let down

GGNYC: what's one thing you want recognition for

GM: writing. i'm not a fashion blogger. people always say that i am, but no i'm not. i put photos up to draw people into my website, but if you actually read what's on there you'll see that those are well thought out pieces

GGNYC: tell us about a female who taught you something and what was it

GM: my mother, she taught me how to cook and for some reason she doesn't think i know how to cook! which i don't understand {laughs} 

GGNYC: name something about yourself that you've made peace with

GM: this is a good one... i wrote a piece like this for essence magazine. when i went bald at 26. i had to accept that... i was like fuck it, it's gone- make peace with it. i had deep waves, i went to the barber shop, the barber went low... i was like oh wait--- go lower. he kept going lower and lower--- i was like what the fuck?! ... what made me accept it was that i was at this party, and as i walked past the vip section this lady leaned over and kissed my head! i was like women like this!

GGNYC: tell us something about yourself that you love

GM: the fact that i'm giving and caring

GGNYC: what do you miss most

GM: love

GGNYC: finish this sentence: the women in my life are ________

GM: everything

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