name: raeven western

occupation: model and a certified life coach

age you feel: i don't know about the age thing, i feel like i'm in my roaring 30's 


GGNYC: tell us about how you got into modeling

RW: i'd say modeling was instilled in me because growing up i was tall and thin and people would always say "you should model! you should model!" and it eventually became my dream. i thought to myself, "well that sounds cool" and i began to pursue it... but let me tell you, it took a long time, i didn't start until my late teens...it's been a great journey and i'm proud of it!

GGNYC: tell us about a job/campaign you've been a part of that you love

RW: in the beginning of my career it was going to paris! i walked in tom fords first yves saint laurent show, it was amazing because i got to walk behind kate moss... i've also gotten a chance to travel to morocco, ethiopia, and the dominican republic where i shot for marie claire magazine.

GGNYC: amazing! now tell us about life coaching

RW: i started coaching because i've always been an advocate for peoples dreams... if you want to do something i'm the biggest cheerleader! i don't understand what would be stopping anyone from pursuing their dream. and so i got to a point in my life where i was asked what i wanted to do after modeling and i had no idea... but i was encouraged to think about what else i wanted for myself. so that motivated me to start a site called pushy dreamers, which people loved! and through that process of creating this site, i met someone who told me i had the qualifications to become a life coach. that wasn't even in my radar! so i looked into it and went on to get certified after a year long program. 

GGNYC: what did you learn through that experience?

RW: i learned to be open to new things and explore my creativity. i learned that as people our dreams might be different, but our journey is similarly full of ups and downs. i learned so much about myself that i'd do it again.

GGNYC: where do you see your creativity going next?

RW: i'll be building a not for profit that allows me to work not only with women but young girls.


GGNYC: what's your favorite sound

RW: rain in puerto rico on my great grandmothers windowsill. 

GGNYC: name an album that you really love and tell us how it makes you feel

RW: i'm still digging beyonce's last album, it lets me tap into my womanhood... helps me feel sexy... but christina aguilera's stripped! that album makes me feel powerful and fierce!

GGNYC: favorite cereal cartoon combo growing up

RW: frosted flakes by far! though you can't get me to eat that now. cartoon would be jem and the holograms.

GGNYC: what are the top apps on your phone

RW: instagram, periscope, this podcast i listen to, kindle and my daughters daycare app! {laughs}


GGNYC: when was the last time you had a good cry and why?

RW: this is definitely intimate... i had one of those moments where someone i hadn't spoken to in a while asked me "how are you?" and i was quick to say "i'm good" but then thought, wait no i'm not... im in a space where i didn't see myself being and my mind had a huge mental screen playing: raeven-single woman and single mother... and it was a quick moment, but i cried. it was so real for me, because it wasn't like it was something i had thought of and ignored. but it was my reality and it made me think of where i was and what i want next for myself which is important.

GGNYC: what's your favorite thing about being a mom

RW: i loved being pregnant, i loved giving birth, i love waking up each day and allowing this little human being to shine and be who she is. it brings me joy that i get to be encouraging about who she will want to become one day. 

GGNYC: what's the hardest part about being a mom

RW: the little time i have with myself, her well being is my top priority, so i sacrifice my me-time which i'm okay with. but sometimes it's hard when you have one day to do you during a long week. however, that helps me be real clear about how i spend my time and that makes me feel so good! 

GGNYC: finish this sentence, when i was a kid ____

RW: i dreamed of growing up and being someone that would add value to my neighborhood in spanish harlem... except then i thought i had to be famous, and now i know that's not needed. 

GGNYC: when was the last time you felt sexy

RW: you know, after having a child i felt very disconnected from my sensuality as a woman, and recently i've started to embrace it and love it more... i started taking a pole dancing class, it's the best thing i've done for me that has nothing to do with a man. i love it!

GGNYC: what would you tell your teenage self?

RW: i'd share with myself the importance of doing you and living life on your own terms for yourself, not running after the boys... the importance of an education and exploring the world. i'd say: don't be afraid to find yourself.

GGNYC: finish this sentence, my girlfriends are _______

RW: real, beautiful on the inside and out.

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