We know that self-care has become a center-piece at the dinner table, and we know that wellness looks different for everyone… but what we want is for your wellness to have woc as leaders, because connecting to your spirit, using plants to cure illnesses and dancing bad energy away to the sound of tamboras… that’s all from your ancestors, and those ancestors? They look like the women below. They are colorful, joyful, and honest. Enjoy.


Ife is the Founder of The Fit in BedStuy, a boutique fitness studio offering classes including pilates & strength training. Learn more about it here!


Angie is a Certified Past Life Regression Hypnotist using QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique). Find her here and listen to her here.


Latham is an all around magical woman! She’s the Founder of Mama Glow, a maternity lifestyle brand offering doula services to fertility expectant & new moms. The space also offers a series of events, including sound baths and tarot learning.

Glow Power- SEX!!! INTIMACY!!! Let's talk about it. This is one of my favorite subjects because it is deeply connected to the work I do with women. I'm proud to partner with the femme care company @LOLA, who believes that candid conversations drive change. We are all about educating and leading women to empowered embodiment; knowing and loving their inner most parts! Everything in society tries to turn us away from our bodies. The government, comprised of men (who don't have our anatomy) is trying to control our bodies and control reproduction. Our bodies are seen as inherently flawed. We are constantly fed messages about how we are not good enough, and the plethora of information sources out there create a distraction as well as an illusion that we know more than we do about our most intricate and intimate parts. _ LOLA has created a HOTLINE so you can bling us up to hear women (like me!) talk openly about SEX. _ Call 1-662-HEY-LOLA to hear what I have to say about your birthright to orgasm. Dial in and learn about the uterus's role in arousal, or how much erectile tissue women have, learn what your cervix and throat have in common, how sound amplifies orgasm... and so so much more. 🔥 A healthy relationship with sex is part of the constellation that makes up your self-care practice. _ Call 1-662-HEY-LOLA to hear from @lenadunham about sex post surgery, @shanboody on period sex as great sex, @bethanycmeyers on opening up about your sexuality, and @drcorinadunlap on libido and of course me! _ Leave me a message to join the conversation, and I might just be giving YOU a call back! 📷 @syedyaqeen #HEYLOLA #sex #orgasm #health #selfcare #intimacy #health #reproductivehealth #uterus #doula #birth #pregnancy #womensrights #mybody #hotlinebling #glowpower #womenshealth #cervix


Elisa is the Co-Founder of Brooklyn based Heal Haus a space for healing the mind spirit and soul!


This Dominicana will share all the healthy things to eat while making it fun & light! Also, she writes things in Spanish so a great account to share with your mamis.


Lalah is a spiritual writer and the Founder of Vibrate Higher.


Agnes Ito is an Intuitive Healer, a Spiritual Mentor, Alchemist and Light worker.


Chelsea is a plant based nutritionist, focused on all around wellness. She’s based in DC!