There's so many ahmazing women out there doing awesome things, whether big or small, behind the scenes or making the scene... and we wish we could fit them all in one list, truly, but that's not realistic. The good news is that our site is dedicated to highlighting and showcasing these women (you!) every day! So if you didn't make this list, fret not because there are still 283 days left to 2017, and we plan on sticking around for A LOT LONGER than that. 

This is our second list for Women Herstory Month and it was put together by myself and our team members Vee and Monie, all suggestions welcomed! This list is to shout out the women who are making a splash in MEDIA and the ARTS. From Screenwriter to DJ we tried to make this as colorful and insightful as possible. 

Honest moment: Some of these women brought by the team I never knew of, and now I'm sitting around feeling like a teen with a girl group crush (kind of like I was with the Spice Girls)! What I will say is that when I tried to research women in certain fields, say woc who are entertainment lawyers, I barely found a few. So I encourage you gyals to pursue other fields that need your touch in them, and if you are in those fields TOOT YOUR HORN and let your presence be known! So women like us at TGM can find you and tell the world why we love you. The truth is being the producer on a show is as important as the cast, both are needed to make something special. 

Okay! Let's get to it, we hope you find a new muse to look up to! And if you know of other dope ladies, tag us on Twitter or Instagram @thegirlmob so we can keep it in mind (we have a list!).



This Miami based Latina singer has the sultry vibes to keep you hooked!


What doesn't she do? Artist manager, consultant, publicist, music curator and copywriter.


Two words: Power House. Valeisha leads the Black Community Engagement at Google (yea you read that right!) and is the Co-Founder of WEEN.


This Afro-Dominicana is a visual artist and a writer. She's got no hair in her tongue, we like her because she tells it like it is.


She's creating the art we'll be seeing in Museums for years to come. 


Need a new sound to fall in love with? You're welcome. 


So we need more women who are producing music, the well runs dry in this category, but thankfully the one's that do exist are bomb like Trakgirl! P.O.W.


As someone who once wished she was a backup dancer, I'd love to take a class from this super fly and powerful choreographer. Just go on her instagram...


First off she's only 19. So we can't wait to see what she brings to the world. But to start it off she's got some dope images as a photographer, and for that we are already BIG fans.


She's funny AF and if you don't believe us, just remember when you laugh at something while watching Blackish - bc she's a writer on the show! (Yes we know that she doesn't write EVERY line, but one of those you laugh at is hers... fa'sho).


So Kiersey is versatile with her looks alone (google images MOB) - but she's also super talented in front of a camera. If you didn't fall in love with her on DOPE (why wouldn't you tho?) then catch her on Flatliners or a little team called The Justice League later this year.


She's great on the one's and two's (that's lingo for Dj'ing) and feels like a burst of joy on her instagram. Oh! And she also happens to be one of Kehlani's right hand ladies.


Hailing from Venezuela, this comedian is def on the rise. We tried to find her on the interwebs but that's limited to her site, however! If you want to get a feel for her in real life, you can catch her performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade in LA. 


A total fkin badass to say the least. She's from NYC but stays globetrotting (like Belgium and Russia, NBD) showing off her amazing artwork. We're going to save our coins so one of her pieces can go up in the future TGM offices ... 


Lucy is not a WOC (to our knowledge) but she is a Casting Director who is using her privilege and power to cast roles with more diverse actors. I went to watch Beauty and the Beast with my girlfriends recently, and within a few minutes of the film saw a number of brown/black faces. I was so happy to see that, it changed my mood from 'cool lets see this' to 'oh sht! we're in this? yes!'. I looked her up after we left the theater and saw what other films she's casted. So to Lucy and to the other women out there who are in a room with the chance give POC a spot, we're watching and we appreciate it.

stay enlightened ladies!


Yari B. @theyariblanco

image post credit: @/escstudio